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A great thriller, I would say, from beginning to end with the ex-cop as the protagonist and killer Peter at the other end. And the biggest mastermind was author Keith Dixon whose love for books was neatly weaved into the story. Wicked, wasn’t he? You betcha!!

The story started with a letter, enumerating all the things the killer didn’t like and ending with I May Kill You. Then came hundreds of letters to people with seemingly no interconnections, all posted, ending with the line I May Kill You. Ben’s daughter Giselle was one of them. So you could say he had a vested interest to catch the killer quickly.

My first book by this author, the story worked its charm on me giving me dual POVs of Ben and Peter. The multiple subplots were fitted seamlessly. The author’s mind was one wicked place to be when he etched the killer, who was quite well read.

Ben was straightforward and interesting, quite a charmer. It seemed that people couldn’t resist spilling out the information to him. I would have done the same. He was smooth. I loved how his brain cells worked. The revelations and linking of clues were done well.

The race against time was on, I was sure Ben would find himself in the cross-hair of the Killer. And sure enough, the zenith of the plot was soon reached. With each reveal that Ben made about the killer, the story pulled me in further.

A perfect breakfast read…

I received a free ARC from Emma and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Serial killers are secretive animals. They keep their deeds to themselves and hope never to be found.

But there’s a new man in town—a killer who warns people in advance he’s going to kill them, then does it, in a variety of unusual, even bizarre, ways.

Ex-policeman Ben Buckland wants to catch this man not because he’s on the list … but because his 15-year-old daughter is. And that’s just not fair.

Especially when the killer has sent out warnings to several hundred people …

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  1. Serial killers seem to have fascinated authors of all times, but are in contemporary literature elevated to half-gods. Think for example at the cult status of Hannibal Lector. I wonder sometimes what weird sociological process is driving this tendency, that’s sadly enough not limited to fictional characters.

    1. While it’s true that Thomas Harris popularised (if that’s the right word!) the concept of serial killers nearly thirty years ago, the work of FBI behavioural scientists like John Douglas made it clear they had been at it a long time before. Consider the Boston Strangler and Ted Bundy, for instance, in the 60s and 70s. What interested me was to put the idea into practice in a UK setting, and to go really over the top with the notion of what ‘serial’ meant!

  2. Thanks very much, Shalini! Very much appreciated. You’re right, you wouldn’t want to be inside my mind sometimes … though most of the time I’m as gentle as a mouse!

    1. If I want my wife to freak out for a whole day long, I just have to say over breakfast, “Was that a mouse?” when something clutters on the kitchen counter.

    1. Please do! You can buy it from Amazon or, if you’re in Kindle Unlimited (or I guess Amazon Prime) you can download it as part of your monthly plan. Or in paperback. 🙂

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