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Laura Elliot is a brilliant writer. Her words broke my control, wrenched my emotions, brought it to surface, and blazed it down the path of my being. I read the book with my heart in my throat, anger choking me completely.

A daughter seeking justice for the attack on her mom 25 years ago and unmasking and bringing the perpetrators to justice. A Herculean task, I agreed. But Adele had to do it for her mother’s name and wiping the dirt off it. A diary found in the attic showed the truth of what Marianne had gone through and how Adele’s birth had come to be. It was all in her mother’s name!!

The main character Adele was brilliant. I loved how she pieced one clue at a time and used her quiet demeanor in getting what she wanted. I supported her, cheered for her, prodded her on as she went about the investigation. She was sure and determined. Perils flogged her footsteps, but she carried on. She moved ahead with the investigation, all in her mother’s name!!

The plot had various twists, everything seemed blurred. I liked how the author showed how the human nature was. People hated seeing their images in the mirror, truth was deliberately kept hidden. Each chapter made me take shallower breaths, as they showed me the mother’s story. Adele went through it all in her mother’s name!!

The small town which hid its secrets was well described. The aura was so dark and atmospheric that it had me immersed in the story. Adele was the beacon of light in such a town, all in her mother’s name.

A sensitive captivating read filled with darkness and religious belief amongst the rich, showing the plight of an innocent woman who was given justice by her daughter who did everything, all in her mother’s name.

This was a book which brought out my anger. I wanted vengeance, I wanted to destroy the masked men. I wanted to be a vigilante seeking my own brand of justice. Quartered naked on the main road with horses pulling on their limbs and their privates smashed to smithereens. That was what I wanted, it was just the bare minimum. All in every woman’s name who is attacked and abused.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Laura Elliot is the author of six novels, Stolen Child and The Prodigal Sister, published by Avon HarperCollins. Her novels, Fragile Lies, The Betrayal, Sleep Sister and Guilty are published by Bookouture. Her books have been widely translated and she has collaborated on a number of high-profile non-fiction books.

Aka June Considine, she is an author of twelve books for children and young adults. Her children’s short stories have been broadcast and have appeared in a number of teenage anthologies.She gives regular workshops on creative writing.She has also worked as a freelance journalist and magazine editor but is now engaged full time in creative writing.

She lives in Malahide, Co Dublin, Ireland.

A swallow flutters its wings into a dimly lit attic as Adele Foyle stumbles across the secret diary of the mother she has never met, and a shocking account of a crime committed over twenty-five years ago…

Adele Foyle has returned to Reedstown, the last place her mother, Marianne, was seen alive. With her mother’s words etched in her mind and in the pages tucked into her jacket pocket, Adele has one purpose: to find those responsible for the devastating attack on Marianne and see them brought to justice.

Born into a Mother and Baby home run by The Thorns, a self-proclaimed religious group led by Gloria Thornton, Adele needs to first unlock the disturbing chain of events that led to her own birth if she is to understand what happened to her mother.

But news of Adele’s arrival and the diary spread like wildfire amongst the small close-knit community of Reedstown. Old memories are stirring up fresh wounds.

No-one wants the truth to be told. The diary is just a story, they say. Yet as Adele begins to unravel the layers of deceit, the tissue paper lies begin to fragment.

Her mother was telling the truth. Adele just has to prove it.

Publication Date: October 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

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