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This was an absolutely rocking novella that I have read in recent times.

It is a prequel to Waypoint, but it can stand on its own at 130 odd pages, and it serves as the best appetizer to Waypoint. It literally made me crave for the main book… Yeah, for an hour or so, I behaved like a book junkie wavering my finger over the 1click buy botton on Amazon.

The book had Quinn as the main character, a brilliant genius on the computer. Give her a keyboard and her fingers flew. She wowed me with her intelligence. The book by Kimberley Perkins and Deborah Adams, saw me sitting at the dentist and reading the entire book… It didn’t even bother me that the doc was running late…

The story had Quinn and a group of 5 interns wanting to prove themselves capable to work for UNID, an Intel unit which kept their country and the rest of the world safe. With a saboteur secretly killing their scientists and with Qunn’s mother in direct line of suspicion, Quinn had to work doubly hard to prove herself fit for the job and fight for her mother’s innocence.

Quinn was everything I wanted in a main character, bold yet vulnerable, intelligent yet kind, honest yet would do anything for her mother. She learnt one-to-one fighting too, my kinda girl (though I am a wuss). SHE WAS THE PERFECT KICKASS HEROINE AND I SIMPLY LOVED HER. The only niggle I had was the story ended in a cliffhanger to make way for the main book Waypoint. Well, that was expected, but I still enjoyed reading it. So happy the authors wrote her story and brought her into my life.

I received a digital copy of the book from the authors, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Quinn Lehi thought getting in was the hard part, but after starting the competitive internship program in UNID’s Intel unit, she realizes the hard work has just begun. With only one permanent slot up for grabs, she’ll have to outperform her fellow interns and watch her back for sabotage.

When two leading scientists go missing she’ll draw on every trick and skill she possesses to find answers. Then, just when it looks like she’s finally made the breakthrough they’ve been needing, disaster strikes.

Will old-school methods work in this high-tech society, and can Quinn overcome all obstacles to win the job she’s always wanted?

Publication Date: 7th December 2018

Publisher: Rocket City Publishing

27 Responses

  1. You had me salivating until I got to that cliffhanger warning – I despise those vile contrivances! ;(

    1. Hehehe babes this is the prequel… Check out my review for the main book tomorrow and you can read both tomorrow maybe 🤔🤔🙄🙄😂😂

  2. Great review Shalini, you certainly enjoyed this one. Now for the tough questions, what genre? It looks like a bit Sci-Fi, Espionage? Futuristic, Adventure, what else?

    1. Sci-fi definitely slightly futuristic in the world created, thriller in its plot, with Artificial intelligence gargoyle Bert whom I really want in my life.. 😂 😂

          1. Nina, I have this very wicked thought.. I must be horny.. Ducks can be eaten and so can I 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
            Marbles… 😂 😂

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