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I went into this book thinking it to be routine police procedural with a team and a boss and forensics. The book had all that and more. 3 murders had all the cops in a tizzy with absolutely no clues. Till a cop from CID, DS Molly Fischer, with a secret, brought out an important fact to the forefront. Such murders had happened before… Then it was a race against time to prevent further kills.

Graeme Hampton’s debut had me cheering on for the lead cop DI Matthew Denning and Molly for different reasons. I loved the way Graeme has woven their personal lives into the plot. The results were quite unexpected. The author was quite a master storyteller in melding every single plot line.

The book started a bit slow but once Molly brought her suspicions to light, the book took on a different route. It became fast paced, there was a bustling energy to these sleep lacking cops. The drive with which they gave everything to the investigation had me cheering them on from the sidelines. Their investigation was pure back-breaking hardwork. And each one of them put in their hours.

The ending was unexpected, making the journey through the pages all worth it. I loved the way Graeme had his characters pick up one jigsaw piece at a time and join them carefully to form a complete picture. The characters were not very likable, they had their own fallacies. But their need to nail the murderer was fervent. It made my vengeant heart dance with joy. Another perp in the slammer.

Bring the next book on, Graeme Hampton!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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It’s high summer, and London sizzles in the grip of a heatwave. But when the body of young mother, Leanne Wyatt, is discovered in an East London park, the heat rises to boiling point for D.I. Matthew Denning. Under pressure to solve the case, and fast, he delves into Leanne’s history and finds that she was close to some dangerous individuals – could one of them have taken her life in an angry rage? But when another woman is found dead in similar circumstances, Denning is forced to consider that a killer stalks the capital’s streets.

But when young, ambitious, D.S. Molly Fisher, discovers a horrifying link to these deaths and a killing spree in South London a decade ago –a terrifying summer where young women died at the hands of a psychopath the press dubbed ‘The Bermondsey Ripper’, the case is blown wide open. Anthony Ferguson is serving a life sentence for the crimes, so are these new deaths the result of a copycat killer – or did the police convict the wrong man? Whatever the case, Denning and Fisher need to stop a killer in his tracks – before he sets his sights on them.

Publication Date: 10th July 2019

Publisher: Hera Books

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  1. You are ripping through your TBR, I covet your fantastic reading/reviewing superpowers, you are a dynamo!

  2. It’s always nice to have an unexpected ending to a book!😊 That makes the journey all the more worthwile (and honestly it’s one of the hardest things to pull off) Great review! 😊

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