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Book 2 and Jordan was back sharpening her claws and using all her skills to expose the people, out to make a quick buck. Author K. C. Gillis had written a solid mystery with extensive detailing of characters and plot lines.

The story was fast paced in most parts with Jordan the famed reporter now moving to Copper Lake to investigate misshapen fish, dumped in the lake. Was it the Lake Effect?

Investigative skills along with great friends made Jordan the ideal reporter. There were times where discretion was the better part of valor, but Jordan forged ahead to seek the truth. Her determination became stronger when opposed by the villains.

It was quite a surprise to see the author giving equal time to all major characters and flesh out the plot lines. I got to see the views of both the sides. Villains were aplenty adding to the whirlwind of problems that Jordan was in. The midsection became slightly slow for me, and I wanted scenes to be more thrilling. The ending had me cackling with glee at the way the web was spun a little more tautly over Jordan.

Overall, the story stayed on track and the author gave me a solid thriller with detailed plotting and complete storyline, capturing my attention right till the end.

I received a free ARC from Emma and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Mysterious marina accidents. Destroyed evidence. Can a tenacious reporter decipher the twisted clues at a small-town lake?

Jordan Reed is burned out from all the attention on her previous high-profile story. But when a new lead lands in her lap, she reluctantly postpones her vacation to investigate a classic New England marina. With hundreds of dead fish washing up on Copper Lake’s otherwise pristine shores, Jordan suspects a sinister cover-up.

But by the time she arrives on the scene, she’s surprised to discover the police chief eliminated every last carcass and seems hellbent on blocking her inquiries. And her search for the culprit takes a perilous turn when gambling kingpins descend on the city and a string of unexplained calamities plague the docks.

Can Jordan expose the corruption, or will she be the next to go belly-up?

Publication Date: May 2020

12 Responses

  1. ‘sigh’.. Another great review Shalini that is tempting me😊 And now instead of the usual 1 day or 2 days of reading a single book, I am struggling to get 1 book completed in atleast 3 days time😞

    1. Me too… My reading had gone down. Over the weekend I told myself I am in an Oasis so spent reading. All the books I had started but not finished are getting read… Slowly, some are skim read if they are not too interesting. But writing only a 3 line review. As my Brian is exhausted. The world crisis is too stressful

      1. Yeah I know and it is becoming worser when information about friends and family getting affected are trickling in😩. But Let’s Hang in there and not lose Hope!

    1. You are a great Detective. In this I knew the bad guys as they too had their sections. It was all about getting the proof.
      Thank you so much ❤️

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