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Missing child is the only trope which grips me by the throat and keeps me chained to the book. This story was no different, it allowed me to play detective, but the twists kept me so confused in a good way that I soon lost my badge trying to keep track of all the paths shown.

The story started with a mum Rachel and daughter Cassie carving the pumpkin and going to bed. The next morning, only was the pumpkin was left behind, mocking Rachel and NO CASSIE. Where could a five year old child have gone from the only home she knew? Cops were called, the estranged husband was suspected, the mother-in-law was arrested. Detective Rachel Hart took the reigns of this case and started her investigation.

My first book by author J. G. Roberts, a fun ride it was. I really tried to be one-up on the cops, but I soon failed. There were too many things popping up. Each chapter had its own suspect with their own evidence. Red herrings strategically placed were a delight.

It was obvious from the writing that this was Detective Rachel Hart’s first case with a missing child. Her personal life events were hinted at, there was a dark past which would probably be revealed in the next book. The parents had their own reasons for breakup which were revealed slowly along with the investigation.

There were a few niggles which traveled the periphery of my brain. The writing was a bit clunky at parts, the plot needed more layers. But being the author’s first book in this genre, I think all this would be dealt with in the second book.

Overall, a fast read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Julia was born in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, and began her career as a professional singer/dancer. This enabled her to travel the world in her late teens storing up experiences she has since included in her writing.

Following roles as a hostess on The Price is Right and a member of the Beadle’s About ‘hit squad’ in the 1980s, she became a TV Presenter and filmed features for Sky Sports before launching the QVC shopping channel in 1993 where she still presents today. Having always wanted to write, she penned her first book, a memoir sold on QVC, in 2013 and has since written four full length novels, two novellas and several short stories.



Twitter: @JuliaRobertsTV

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Five-year-old Cassie Bailey’s mother tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight. This morning she’s missing, her unicorn bedcovers are empty, and her parents are frantic.

Detective Rachel Hart knows that the first few hours after a child goes missing are the most crucial, and that the Baileys are living every parent’s worst nightmare. Rachel knows, because as a child her family lived through it too, when her sister was taken.

The days are ticking by with no sign of Cassie, and the cracks in the Baileys’ marriage are beginning to show. But are the holes in their stories because they’re out of their minds with panic – or because they’re lying?

Rachel’s convinced that Cassie knew the person who took her, but can she find the little girl before she’s lost forever?

Publication Date: 14th June 2019

Publisher: Bookouture











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    1. This was a good police procedural… Hope you like it too..
      I posted in your wedding pics, not sure if I have gone to spam

  1. Ok I’m going to have to stop reading your review later Shalini! Every time I read them I pretty much always add the book to my Goodreads TBR. Great review as always!!

        1. I wrote a couple of emails but you don’t respond so I assumed you were not interested
          I sent you details for a promo tour but since it didn’t get posted… I didn’t ping you post that

          1. I no.
            Something called boxbe is holding some of my mails back.
            Please send for the next one. Actually I miss working with you

  2. Wonderful review Shalini. This one sounds like a twisty story I would like. I did not request it because Bookouture has not been approving me lately. I will check it out on Amazon and see what it’s at.

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