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This was bloody perfect. Exactly what I wanted on a Sunday morning with my hot cuppa tea. I loved the way author Gina Holland penned it; each word was friendly and complete with a sense of camaraderie to them. The book made me want to rush into it and linger there forever.

Sarah was working ingognito for a company which was building the bypass through the village. Shay was one of the villagers who was protesting the construct. Their clash occurred over speeding, moved indoors due to a blizzard where the cold winds forced them to blow hot.

Something about Gina Hollands’ writing caused me to give the prose a second and third look. I just didnt want to leave the small community of friendly people, each with a story of their own. Their warmth wafted off the pages to include me. Hate to love trope was familiar, but the way this author had delivered her story, it was something off the norm. I fell in love with everything and everyone in the book. The villagers were so warm even when their heart was troubled.

I understood where the main characters were coming from. They were etched in a loving detail, contrary in their views yet so similar in their emotions. Clashes over their views, hurt of the past, and betrayals of the present did occur, and they added a layer to the story to bring out the strength of a human psyche.

The whole book had a three dimensional effect as if I too were living my life vicariously through them. The world crisis took away hope, but Gina’s book brought it trickling back. A few hours of love and happiness was what this Village of Second Chances gave me.

I loved the book, and it loved me back completely.

I received a free ARC from the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Ex-fireman and edible flower farmer Shay McGillen has plenty of reasons not to give Sarah Pickering even one chance when she turns up in his small Yorkshire village. After all, she is only there to try and convince him and his fellow villagers to sell up so her company can build a bypass. If Sarah thinks she can make Shay give up his farmhouse and his business, she has another thing coming!

But when an unexpected blizzard leaves Sarah stranded in Shay’s home, he soon realises that they are far more alike than he could have ever imagined – and perhaps both of them deserve a second chance …

Publication Date: June 2020

24 Responses

  1. Your review is as good as a book, Shalini. Sooo going to read this book! And when are you going to publish your own?

    1. Huhh? Publish? I am not that good a writer. And I don’t have a story in my heart wanting to be told ❤️Thank you for thinking I am good to write one

  2. Who doesn’t want second chances and “a few hours of love and happiness.” Thanks for sharing your review; it makes me want to go visit this little village.

  3. Lovely review Shalini. The cover is absolutely beautiful. I love these stories about small English villages in the country. This sounds like an awesome summer read.

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