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Many thanks to Jill and Books ‘n’ all for putting me in touch with author Stewart Giles and his works.

I apologize for the words used. The book caused the words to pop out!!

Holy Fuck!! What did I just read? My favorite serial killer is back!! Bolder and more wicked than I could ever believe. Actually, I should say it is author Stewart Giles and the dark matter which is currently entrapped in his cranium which is at fault.

What a book!! Miranda who fleed to America after killing a cop in UK soon started her business of killing people. I never could understand if it was purely for pleasure or if she had an aim. She was an enigmatic killer with an unforgettable face who left bodies wherever she traveled.

My third book by this author, though second in this series, made me flush with a spellbinding awe at the written words. The story flew in leaps and bounds with Miranda showing her colors. Intelligent was she, but more contrary than I could possibly believe. She showed me that I could never predict her moves.

Author Stewart Giles was one wily fellow who kept me on my toes. He showed me one way then took another. The doc in me kept wondering about the speed at which the synapses occurred in his brain neurons. This story has to be read to experience the pure adrenaline rush.

And the end!! OMG. The last chapter. That took the cake and showed me why I loved this serial killer so much. One cool dudette was she and one rampantly wicked was the author who blew me away with his story. Wow. Seriously wow.

Now I need Book 3… Whom do I kill…errr… I mean cajole to get the ARC? Jill… Stewart… Anybody listening?

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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‘My name is Miranda, and I’m a serial murderer.’

‘I have killed again!’

From #1 bestseller Stewart Giles comes the sequel to Miranda, a psychological thriller.
Miranda is on the run from the Dunford Police and has managed to flee the UK. The story continues as we follow Miranda to the USA.
With the body count increasing all the time will Miranda ever be caught.

Publication Date: November 2019

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    1. Hahaha I think so too. Neither she or the author have commented or acknowledged my review… Hopefully one day they will see this review and give me book 3

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