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An absolute warm feel good book which is about love and friendship along with a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

Maisie leaves her cheater husband, works 2 jobs, wins a trip to Tuscany along with 1000£ as spending money. She takes her 2 best friends Emma and Cheryl, and the three musketeers find themselves enveloped in the beautiful landscapes of Italy.

Sue Roberts has written this book with a loving hand, dipping her quill in the inkwell of sunshine and happiness. This was a light easy breezy read which went as most such books go with laughter and romance, good food and great wine. My tiny niggle would be too many things literally just fell into place for Maisie and the story concentrated more on description of food, wine, places more than plot.

What captured my heart and imagination were the description of locales and nature. Sue Roberts does love Italy, and that comes out so beautifully in this book. Each description was simply gorgeous. It just put Italy on my wishlist of places to go in my lifetime.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Maisie Knight had it all and loses it all at once – catching her husband cheating on her with the girl from Checkout 3. So when she wins a holiday to Italy, a week under the Tuscan sun couldn’t come soon enough.

Treating best friends Cheryl and Emma to a girls’ trip, the terracotta-roofed Villa Marisa on a rustic farm awaits them. The fields of golden sunflowers could be the perfect cure for Maisie’s broken heart – and local farmer, suspiciously perfect Gianni, with his thick black hair and twinkling brown eyes is a welcome distraction from her broken heart.

Mornings waking up to freshly brewed coffee and views of the rolling hills, moped rides with cheeky Italians, and feasts of prosecco and pasta help Maisie forget her troubles.

Maisie could get used to the good life. But just as she’s getting her spark back, disaster strikes. The next thing she knows, her past is catching up with her, reopening old wounds and Maisie has a life-changing decision to make. Should she say ciao to her summer of love and limoncello?

Publication Date: 6th March 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

42 Responses

    1. This was really fun… The description of the landscape… Omg omg… Jonetta I just want to visit Tuscany and Scotland… Simply in love 😍

  1. I love your review, Shalini! We’re going to Italy for 2 weeks next month for our anniversary, and your review made me feel like I was there now, ah! I need to read this book…it sounds delightful! Fantastic review! 😍

  2. Yes, great review and sounds like a delightful book, except I’d prefer a little more story to it as well. Italy, well it is special and has been since Romulus and Remus. It’s a city where you can smell that ancient history. Goose bumps.

  3. Aww sounds so sweet. And with a cherry cover and cute title too! But I do know what you mean about when everything just manages to fall into place for the main characters.

  4. Wonderful review Shalini. I would love to win a trip to Italy and go with my friends. What a dream come true. You made me want this book.

      1. My daughter and I visited Scotland and Ireland a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Italy, France, and England are three I want to visit someday.

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