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Henry, a Jack Russell, was the part of a research team trying to find a cure for MS. The drug injected in him caused a miracle of sorts. HE COULD TALK. Gywnnie Davies and Dr Moss were overjoyed, the first talking dog in this world. Then Henry got kidnapped…err…dognapped!

My first book by author Morgen Bailey, this was one heck of an adventure. Henry was simply the cutest. I loved the way the author had characterized him, giving him intelligence and mannerisms of a human. His life away from the facility was filled with its own highs and lows.

The dognappers were not too bright, Henry could escape them. Then came Sally, I loved their interaction. Though Henry didn’t talk to her in the human language, the author managed to fill their relationship with love.

The last part of the story concentrated more on the investigation to get to the identity of the dognappers. The book meandered in some parts decreasing my interest in it. But Henry brought my attention back to him soon.

The first in the series, I thought Henry would make a highly intelligent canine Sherlock. A sweet start!!

I received an ARC from Sarah and author Morgen Bailey, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Morgen Bailey – Morgen with an E – is a freelance editor, writing tutor (in person and online), blogger (helping other authors, sharing tips etc.), Writers’ Forum magazine ‘Competitive Edge’ columnist, speaker, author of several novels (at various stages), 400+ short stories, a series of writer’s block workbooks, an editing guide, articles, and has dabbled with poetry. She is also a co-founder of Northants Authors and an avid supporter of all things creative writing.

Former Chair of three writing groups, she has judged the H.E. Bates Short Story Competition, RONE, as well as the Althorp Literary Festival children’s short story, BBC Radio 2, and BeaconLit 500-word flash fiction competitions. She also runs her own monthly 100-word competition and was Flash 500’s 2018-9 judge.

2018 events included talks and workshops at Troubador’s Self Publishing Conference speakers, workshops and panels at Delapre Abbey Book Festival, interviewing and workshops at BeaconLit, and NAWG Fest with her ‘Editing your Fiction’ weekend residential course.

Morgen can regularly be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. When not online, she edits other authors’ books, reads, loves walking her dog, and somewhere in between all that she writes.







Set in Northamptonshire, England… Henry, a talking Jack Russell, is part of a small team researching a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. He is the target of several dognappers but can he use his wit or guile to outwit them and, with the help of forty-year-old laboratory assistant Gwynne Davies, find the proof needed to convict the criminals. Thus begins a series of adventures for the unlikely pair. There have been amateur sleuths, there have been talking animals – Henry is both. This is Family Guy’s Brian meets Poirot meets My Fair Lady.

Publication Date: 26th April 2019





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    1. I do so love your comment on the tours 💃💃💃😘
      This book was the first I signed up
      Ah the virgin sign up 😂😂just to make you 😂

  1. Awww…this just sounds like an incredibly cute story😊😊 It always amazes me how many different books you read: so many genres. I was already impressed by you, but well…you continue to impress me more 😘❤️

          1. Omg… Aren’t they protected? The bear I meant not minister. Too many politicians in the world already 😂😂😂😂

          2. The sheeps were protected, but bears are intelligent, and our Bavaria politicans think they rule a law and wild animals will do like said. Lol This is Bavaria, like the former Kingdom of Bavaria. About this Napoleon said: “Bavaria is a wonderful land, but reigned by idiots.”. Lol

    1. Yayy Morgen, thank you so much ❤️ it is always an honor for me when the author comes to thank. Your book has garnered good interest. Good luck ❤️

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