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August is my FANTASY month along with other books.

My review

Gin with her silverstone knives and magic

This was book 11 of the Elemental Assassin series. I had been reading her books religiously till a few years, when I lost sight of a lot of things. And now I am back to these stories which felt like being under a cozy blanket, reading all about my favorite assassin. What a rush to my heart, an assassin with magic and knives, my favorite kinds!!

A recap

Gin Blanco as the assassin Spider, worked her contracts till the death of her adopted father, when she went solo. Till book 8, she had a constant foe, Mab Monroe, whom she killed with a knife to the heart. (I am in love!! ) Now she dealt with various lowlife from the underworld of Ashland who kept trying to kill her. One of the few people with power over 2 elements: stone & ice.

Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

This book

A new drug Burn is making the rounds in the college campus till it reaches one Gin’s employees, and she is forced to get involved in this fight against the dealer, thanks to the employee Catalina and her cop sister Bria.

Gin is wonderful, oh I am so fangirling her right now.. Well I think I am always going to be her fan. The author Jennifer Estep has reached into my heart and pulled the vengeful strings one by one till the heart was bound to her and Gin. Yp I am that crazy about these series!!

Gin’s fight against an emotion (and blood) draining vampire Beauregard Benson was fabulous. It was dramatic, full of flair with blood and gore flying. It made Gin, the Queen of the Underworld. This book hit all the right boxes for me. Fast paced, well written, with a lot of fight scenes and torture. Gin’s friends and family, her gang, were irresistible. They stood by her all through, there were emotions, nothing overboard. Gin’s magic, the spider runes, pulling the power from her core was so vivid to imagine. Need I go on??

And then there were the niggles, story was predictable, the plot lines were straight, I like twisted ones that make me go oooh and aah!!

The end

The last few pages redeemed the book when MMM makes her full introduction and Gin knows that she has been played

The story gets four stars, the five stars is for the main character Gin who makes my heart go pitter patter…

The check list

Don’t go by the cover, that is wrong

Gin’s description

  • full sleeved black tee -— check ☑️
  • Dark jeans — check ☑️
  • Black boots —check ☑️
  • Knives —check ☑️

I can totally be Gin. I have all that and her ATTITUDE!! OK I might need to tattoo the spider runes on my palms.. (But spider 🕷️ shivers)

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea. Jennifer is also the author of the Black Blade and Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series and the Bigtime paranormal romance series.

Book blurb

Gin Blanco is hard-nosed, sexy, and lethal. Nicknamed “The Spider,” she’s a stone elemental assassin who brings her unique mix of magic and tact to every assignment, no matter the target.

There’s a new drug on the streets of Ashland, and its name “Burn” sums up the potent effect it has on its users. When one of her restaurant employees is threatened by dealers of the drug, Gin steps in to set things straight…

Product Details

Publication date : 22nd June, 2014

Publisher : Pocket Books

Gin & Sword burn

20 Responses

    1. I told ya… I am dedicating this post… Both of you are as smooth as gin.. (the alcohol) 😘😘♥️💜. I am glad you loved it

    1. Hahaha thank you so much Leslie… Are you all set for the weekend?
      I am all set I have the book 12 of this series, one fantasy book and two cozy books to read… 😉😉📖📚

  1. All in one weekend? Holy hell, girl. You must be a super speedy reader! Good luck with that. I’ll be doing my weekly laundry, cleaning house, yard work, and weeding my garden, and then trying to squeeze in some writing in between all of that, and doing my best not the neglect the family (hubby gets a little upset if I ignore him for too long. LOL) Enjoy your reading time, and keep these fabulous reviews coming. 🙂

    1. Hahaha the goals are there… But no pressure to read… Hehehe so at my sweet time.
      Are you kidding me, you are doing all the chores + time with hubby + writing… 😳😳 Wow you are a superwoman… I am just reading

    1. Jody, I just saw goodreads. Thank you for connecting there. Where is the message where you lay what out for me?

      P. S I am too scared to ask you. I organize blog tours, would you like to…? Choice of post for tour is all yours.
      Please consider this as me asking/requesting you

      1. I am not sure exactly what you mean Shalini, I will have to back through my messages? Was it on goodreads, when I sent you the message about connecting as friends? I was half asleep last night, heck I could have told you I was a martian from mars, lmbo!

        1. I have no idea you told me you are laying it all out there… I checked… Nothing was laid out for me… I wouldn’t mind a cookie platter laid out for me 😉😉😊😊

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