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Wooosh!! This was boiling hot, almost incendiary, I could say. Pun intended. The author Peter Boland had surpassed himself in this novel. The leads John Savage and his endearing assistant Tannaz were back, and they made the book pretty much unputdownable.

A serial killer using words in the holy verses as a method to kill all atheists. DCI Roberts needed all the help she could get. Entered the true heroes of the book to stop the fanatic.

My second book by the author, and what a blast it was. Every word held powerful imagery as if the scenes of a thriller were unfurling around me like virtual reality. The author’s power over his writing was well felt when each turn of the page made me more excited. Serial killers usually made me go – been there, read that. But this book had a strange haunting quality. I enjoyed the journey more.

I loved the way the author put his main characters through their paces. John Savage had his own inner devils to battle, Tannaz had to deal with discrimination. But they powered on marvelously with inner strength, instincts and intelligence as nothing was more important than catching the killer.

Swift paced, filled with action and suspense, the book had me holding my breath at different moments. I was complely immersed into the story. A perfect weekend read.

I received a free ARC from Sarah and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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He only kills atheists.

Pray that God’s on your side.

A serial killer stalks the streets of London, murdering atheists in the most horrific ways. So far, it’s only the loud, outspoken ones who’ve been targeted. Specifically, a controversial group of intellectuals called The Four Pillars of Atheism. Attacking religion and angering believers, they’ve amassed enough hate mail and death threats to keep the police busy until hell freezes over.

DCI Roberts and her team have too many suspects and are drowning in leads. The pressure is on her to catch the killer before another horrific murder is committed. Not helped by the fact that London is in the grip of a sweltering heat wave. Desperate times call for desperate measures. DCI Roberts reaches out to John Savage and Tannaz to help her find the killer. Trouble is, Savage has his own personal demon to battle. Can he defeat one and catch the other?

Publication Date: April 2020

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  1. This sounds riveting, don’t hold you breath, you will scare your family members into thinking you are coming down with the virus 😉

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