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This was one book which caused my insides to shiver in deliciousness. Alex Kane is one heck of a writer who can pull me in with the first line up to the end. I loved how she showed me perfection, then removed one layer after another, revealing them to be just masks. Oooh how I loved this book!! The rich and their obsessive need to cover the flaws. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

The Shaw family, matriarch gran Brenda Shaw, her son Gavin and daughter Eva who was married to Stevie Laird and had a daughter Carla. They had their own landscape company, rubbing shoulders with the celebrities and millionaires. Life was smooth and rich until a message on their Facebook group from Rebecca threatening to reveal their secrets caused the cracks to appear. Ah…they walked on wafer thin ice, didn’t they? Read the book to know their dark hearts… Cackle cackle (laughing like a witch here, substitute with a B)

I have read her earlier book, so I was eager to get to this one. I took such a perverse pleasure in reading each line of the book. Secrets revealed filled me with an unholy glee. I was completely pulled into the world of Laird-Shaw family. (Remember Dallas?). I tell ya, this Alex Kane was one crafty devil whose sense of black humor was a delight to read.

From the first chapter, my head kept shaking. Nah nah that can’t be true… In fact, the Laird-Shaw family sounded too good to be true. And you know the saying… A thing that glitters… Boy was I right! Can opened by a stranger and worms crawling. I love books which use that trope. The gossip girl in me wanted to dig deeper into their world to know the truth.

The book was a siren that lured me into its darker core. Come to me was all it said, and I was helpless. I had to follow. Tap… Tap… Tap…went my finger on the kindle screen, and the pages kept turning. One sitting and a few hours was all it took to read this rich candy of lies and secrets. How the mighty fell!!

It was everything I needed in these turbulent times and more. Believe me, the book helped me forget the outside world. I was completely immersed into the story for a few hours. It soothed my thriller-y heart.

Devilishly brilliant! The witch in me totally recommends this book!!

Always a Hera girl!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Blood is thicker than water, the family bond stronger than any other.

They think it’s all forgotten.

But I don’t forget.

The Laird-Shaw family live a life most only dream about. Self-made millionaires Gavin Shaw and Stevie Laird built their business from humble roots to global turnover, Stevie’s wife – and Gavin’s sister – Eva is never out of the style pages, while daughter Carla has used her huge following as an Instagram influencer to shine a spotlight on mental health issues.

But behind the glamour lies a web of lies; hidden secrets so explosive that they would bring this family dynasty crashing down. But someone out there knows the truth…and now they’re stepping out of the shadows to reveal the dark heart of the Laird-Shaw family. Because when the truth comes to light, there’s nowhere to hide…and all the money in the world can’t save this family from themselves.

Publication Date: April 2020

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