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Many thanks to the author Murray Bailey for my spot on this Blog Tour.

A cracker of an action thriller, which kept me on my toes from beginning to end. Author Murray Bailey was fantastic in the scenes which required the main character to act fast and intelligently.

A helicopter crash, burned body, pilot shot. Another town, faceless corpse. Ash Carter, a military investigator, who now provided his services to the army in Singapore, had his work cut out for him. But nothing was too small for this brilliant character who could see links where others could not. BlackJack, the villain had left his calling card at all the crime scenes.

My first book by this author, I was completely mermerized by the seamless plots that were weaved in. The story was doused in adrenaline, some of the scenes left me singed and breathless, pun unintended.

Ash Carter was a complete hero; a girl could get lost in his charming ways. Ah, don’t worry. He knew how to fight dirty too. His secretary, Madame Chau was the best side of him. She kept him walking in a straight line as well as added sarcastic humor to the story.

Set in Singapore in the 1950s, the writing brought out the atmosphere of the land with the uniqueness of its culture in those times. There was something authentic in the vibes the book gave that got me turning the pages fast.

The fourth in the series, I had zilch problems while trying to follow the story. I didn’t fall in love with Ash, but came damn close to it. Overall, the book was a high pitched action ball which kept going in a steep arc without stopping until the end. Whew!! An action roller-coaster was this.

I received a free ARC from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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A helicopter crash and burned bodies.
A faceless corpse.
A mysterious town.
Carter is drawn into a dark case from which there seems no escape.

Publication Date: June 2020

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    1. So I heard… I think DJ I liked the older world of the 19th century. We might not have had internet or mobile phone. But life was much better, so I feel.

      1. Not for me, I’m too mouthy and would have been killed. In those times, most women were suppressed, oppressed, and repressed!

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