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Rachel Abbott is one my favorite authors. She writes like a dream, capturing the right emotion the scene demands.

This book was bloody fantastic. I have had my eye on it, and when I got the opportunity to read, I pleaded and cajoled Noelle to let me get my grubby hands on it. I can only say I went ahead and got other books by this talented author. I just couldn’t resist. She made me feel alive every time I received the kick of a thrill.

Evie and Mark supposedly had a perfect relationship with their daughter, Lulu. But Evie was always injured moments after he left home. She called herself clumsy. One night DI Stephanie was called to their home where Mark was stabbed with a knife and Evie was charged with murder. Incidentally, Mark’s first wife’s death was also under suspicious circumstances, moments after he left home. Harriet was called to defend Evie. What was the truth? Was Evie abused?

My second book by this author, every page produced those spurts of excitement knowing there were twists on its way to greet me. The sheer power over the words was a sight to behold. Could you believe that the author called forth every iota of my concentration to read the words? I was in the cone of silence where only the book and I existed. Not many authors could do that on these moments of stress.

The court case was the highlight for me. So many truths came out, in fact, every page caused me to gasp!! How did Rachel Abbott do it? I had pure adrenaline coursing down my veins that I couldn’t sit still. I read the book walking as I was a bundle of nerves.

A dichotomy of emotions ran in my mind. A part of me wanted to rush – Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me the truth. And another part wanted to slow down to savor the words and watch the drop of excitement enter my being with each page. Oh my!! I didn’t have words to describe how immersed I was while reading.

The book was everything and more. It thrilled me, keeping me restless to know the truth. I couldn’t stay away from my kindle from the moment I picked up this book. It was rocking, absolutely UNPUTDOWNABLE!! A must read for those who love thrillers and mysteries.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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When I met Mark, I knew I had to make him mine. Thoughtful and sensitive, Mark lived in the most breath-taking house I’d ever seen – all glass and perched on the clifftop, with mesmerizing views across the waves below. It was where his first wife had died tragically, but it would be our promising new start.

When our gorgeous daughter Lulu was born, our perfect life was complete. But then I started having accidents at home. A broken hand… a black eye… Mark’s sister thought I was doing it for attention, but she had no idea how scared I was of who I had become.

If I told you what my life with Mark has turned into, I doubt you would believe it. But I need you to listen because you’re the only hope Lulu and I have left. And if I can make you see the truth, then maybe there’s a chance I can save my precious daughter…

Publication Date: August 2020

6 Responses

  1. wow, now you have me curious about this author and this particular book. I’m intrigued by the court case. Is the book part of a series?

  2. This sounds a bit creepy, a bit suspenseful and some legal thriller all rolled into one. I have not read anything by Rachel Abbott, but it sounds like I need to start. Great review as always, Shalini.

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