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Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Steve Moretti’s new book Song For A Lost Kingdom

This was second book in the series. The first dealt with how Adeena, on playing the Duncan Cello, traveled to the past and became Katharine. The story had been left with a cliffhanger where Adeena fell into a deep coma.

Book 2 showed me the depths of what happened to both of them. Adeena was in coma but had travelled to the eighteenth century to be with James and to save his life. In the 21st century, doctors along with her parents tried various techniques to bring Adeena out of her coma and to save her life. A complex tale.

My second book by author Steve Moretti, I found the tale seeped more in historical facts. It was endearing and challenging to see how Adeena traversed those age and times where women didn’t have all the rights and freedom. Her love kept her strong. Music played the binding factor, keeping both her worlds intact. Adeena had to soon decide what her fate was.

It was obvious that the author has written this story after doing plentiful research. The war was well described. Love and duty were shown in detail in those difficult times. The characters in the modern times, parents and friends of Adeena, had their own story happening in the background. I loved the way her parents stood by her, trying to get her back.

Then those niggles emerged, too complicated a plot with the ending being confusing. The doc in me wasn’t convinced about the medical condition emerging. Here I felt the book concentrated too much on the 18th century war, rather than emotions.

Overall, a tapestry of history and drama was weaved with the contemporary life to make this a complex tale which was a promising read.

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Music is not bound by time…
And Adeena Stuart is not bound by anything that will stop her from saving the man she’s fallen in love with, even though he’s been dead for almost three hundred years.

In Book II of the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy, her music provides the portal to to James Drummond who is fighting along side Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the 1746 Jacobite uprising. Though their cause is doomed, and James is destined to die shortly after the Battle of Culloden, Adeena’s determination never wavers.

Left behind in the present, Adeena’s friends and families are equally determined to return her to 2019 before the expanding growth in her head becomes fatal and they lose her forever.

Throughout it all, the music sweeps across those in both the past and present in this novel of history, fantasy, romance and science fiction.

Publication Date: 30th July 2019

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  1. Great review!😉 I’m still reading it (gonna be done by the 23rd, don’t worry 😘), and so far it’s also the medical part that couldn’t completely convince me… I love it, the idea, the history, the characters, the MUSIC (that’s my soft spot I guess) but I think I would love it more if the science/medicine part wasn’t trying to be a part of it… God, it sounds bad. I really do love it. This scientific brain tumor thing just doesn’t go with the magic of history and music for me. Of course, I’m far from having read the whole book yet, so who knows… I might learn to love this aspect, too. Otherwise, I’m enjoying it pretty much.

    1. I am sure you would love it more as you love history. I don’t like so much of war and the James name confused me.
      BTW, do you have Jay’s cover Reveal ready?

          1. To be fair, that’s probably authentic 😀 but I get where you’re coming from… it can be a little confusing

          2. Probably but this was fiction slight changes could have been done. I read the book on the go, I had to reread so many times to check which James was warring… 😂 😂 😂 😂

  2. Great review, Shalini! I’m 45% in the book right now and I totally agree with everything you said here (except for the subsequent development and ending). I cannot wait to see how things unfold!

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