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If something looks too good to be true… You know how that goes…. IT PROBABLY IS!! But then again, desperation did make us take stupid decisions. And our talented author Kim Slater wrote another creepy suspense with the apartment watching the main character’s every move. Almost as if it were alive.

Freya needed a new place to stay, a push in the right direction by Dr. Marsden got her checking out the apartment and taking it up, even when the gorgeous place was at a minimal rent. Things started happening. Freya needed to escape soon. But would she realize the truth in time before she lost her daughter?

The author described the atmosphere of the house so well that it elucidated a gasp from me at all the right places. The vibe of the book was of waiting… Waiting for things to happen… For the blade in the guillotine to fall… Shoe to drop… Waiting to take a deep breath.

The story seemed familiar, but the journey was so good where each page made me ask – what next? I loved the section when Freya went hunting for the truth, she was quite innovative. The last few pages needed a bit more suspense and better reasoning. But no matter, the book was a delight to read.

The book grabbed my time for afternoon siesta today. I am down with a headache but well worth it!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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It’s an opportunity she can’t refuse. The woman before her tried…

Freya Miller needs a miracle. In the fallout of her husband’s betrayal, she’s about to lose her family home, and with it the security she craves for her five-year-old daughter, Skye. Adrift and alone, she’s on the verge of despair until a chance meeting with the charismatic Dr Marsden changes everything. He’s seeking a new tenant for a shockingly affordable flat in a fashionable area of London.

Adder House sounds too good to be true… But Freya really can’t afford to be cynical, and Dr Marsden is adamant she and Skye will be a perfect fit with the other residents.

But Adder House has secrets. Even behind a locked front door, Freya feels as if she’s being watched: objects moving, unfamiliar smells, the blinking light of a concealed camera… and it’s not long before she begins to suspect that her dream home is hiding a nightmarish reality. Was it really chance that led her here—or something unthinkably dark?

As the truth about Adder House starts to unravel, can Freya and Skye get out—or will they be locked in forever?

Publication Date: April 2020

25 Responses

    1. There are times when I used to feel so about my house too… With corona, the inner threat feels low… 😂 😂 😂

    1. Creepy listen in the morning. It is completely fun. I asked siri to read out the book and it was fun. Didn’t get to audible

  1. Nice review Shalini. I have heard good things about this book. I like that even though it seemed somewhat familiar, the author was able to add a new take that kept it interesting.

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