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Many thanks to Sarah, the whipping baker, and BOTBS Publicity for my spot on this Blog Tour.

I was amazed at the way the author A. B. Morgan wrote a convoluted plot, keeping all her characters in track. My mind reeled at the layers that each one brought to the story.

Konrad, the TV reporter was back. He owed Ella a huge apology for the way he treated her in the previous book and got her landed in a secure psychiatric facility. But there he met Abi, a reclusive celebrity and his reporter senses tingled. He wanted the scoop via Ella. Talk about advantageous apology, huh?

My second book by this author, my curiosity emerged, and my spidey senses warned me that the author had something up her sleeve. Each chapter added a new information to the story. Add to that there was a crazed stalker to a minor celebrity, the story moved at a swift pace with the dynamics of these characters.

Shocking truths emerged after every few chapters which kept my interest going. I was wide-eyed with shock, reading many of them. How did the author think of that? Wicked was she when she picked up the pen with an unholy glitter on her eyes. So I surmised.

I have to admit the story was quite detailed and long winding, with my mind distracted by the world crisis, I needed it to go faster. But that was on me. I can’t seem to concentrate nowadays. Believe me, only Sarah’s whip got me to knuckle down and get to my reading. Actually, I am thankful to her for that (Who doesn’t love a good spanking?), as I think I would have lost my reading mojo completely.

The story was quite fun with some dark overtones, the author was evil in her plotting (just joking or maybe not), I found the chapter titles interesting. Some made me smile. Overall, I would say a good breakfast read.

P. S. Some truths in the story can cause you to gulp the hot tea without realizing and you are left with a singed tongue for all the wrong reasons. Been there, done that. Sarah, I need my cake, I have been a good girl!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

I received a free ARC from Sarah and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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He made a mistake, and for the sake of his future career, investigative TV reporter Konrad Neale must apologise in person to Ella Fitzwilliam.

Detained under section in a secure forensic unit, she doesn’t foresee a bright future. And she despises Konrad for exploiting her and exaggerating the truth about what she really did.

All in the name of journalism

However, when he spots famous recluse Abigail Nithercott in the same facility, he cannot resist the chance to scoop the next big story.

But must use Ella to uncover the dark Nithercott family secret.

Blood. Thicker than water, it spills…

Some family trees have to die.

Publication Date: 14th April 2020

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    1. Hahaha 😂 we all need something to laugh about, don’t we? And you are too cute, easy to tease
      Thank you so much for having me ❤️ it is a pleasure to do your tours. Just need world crisis to end and my reading to come back

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