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This review is completely dedicated to Ms Emma Welton, and she knows the reasons. They would soon be enumerated in the review.

The blurb had the warning explicit sexual content, and my eyes popped out. Whoa! What was I getting into. Or rather what were the characters getting into… Pun heavily intended. And they did get into a lot of things. 😂😂

My first book by Leopold Borstinski, oh my, it was so much fun. It was direct, in the face, loud yet subtle on its emotions, and of course started with the death of Penny Pitstop on April 2010 and showed me her life along with her Ray of sunshine.

Opposites attract and same poles repel – I have heard this about magnets. That’s what the two characters, Ray and Penny, reminded me of. Magnets. They were pulled toward each other when they lived in separate homes, yet repelled each other when they started living together. The story depicted their lives from 1999 to the present.

I loved the way the author Leopold Borstinski wrote the book. He didn’t shy away from his the plot arcs. He was committed, he was bold, he reminded me of the bestseller books the authors of 1970s – 80s wrote. Raw, clear and precise were his words and the actions of the characters. I expected to like Penny more, but I ended up liking Ray.

Their jobs were high powered and so also their personal lives. They rolled with the dice. They worked hard, played harder. Fidelity was not their issue becuase they never were. But yet there was something enticing about them, and the credit goes to the author.

The only niggle I could find was that I didnt understand much about stocks and the kind of work they did. But barring that, the book was upside down fun. Why upside-down? I didn’t think I would like the book, but I DID!! The blame… err..credit goes to Emma.

There are a lot of blatant sexual acts, so read it knowing what you are getting into. Pun not intended. 😂😂

I received a free ARC from Emma and author Leopold Borstinski, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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After sharp-witted trader Ray is told by his sexy corporate lawyer wife Penny to stop insider trading, he knows that something must change. When he discovers she’s been having an affair on her business trips, the tables are turned and he has to choose between keeping the millions he’s fraudulently made or keeping the woman he loves. How will he decide?

Publication Date: 20th October 2019

Publisher: Sobriety Press

Amazon UK

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  1. Great review, I kept thinking of Oenelope pit stop from wacky races, showing my age now. I have a book by this author to review late November, I think it is a completely different subject though. I am hoping I will enjoy it.

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