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The Defense of Exeter Station

A scifi thriller which was unstoppable in its pace and smooth in its writing. Author Thom Bedford, in his debut, had whacked this one out of the park with twists, action, and unexpected events.

At the galactic war, retired Commander Sandhorn found himself called to active duty when the antagonists were set to attack Exeter Station. It was a fight for their lives, for their very freedom.

The first thing I experienced while going into this book was pure action while Sandhorn and his team dealt with a life threatening event. And the story did not let up. Not that it was only action. No ways. The author with his deft writing gave me enough downtime to understand the story and the main characters. A tinge of romance was also weaved in which was quite cute and nicely done without jarring the prose.

This was an action thriller, but what I especially liked was that it didn’t overwhelm me with its details. Some of the books generally add so many details that envisioning the spaceship would be beyond me. But here, the writing gave me powerful imagery which could be followed by everyone even those who didn’t normally read this genre.

The story was a fight for freedom, where every hand was on deck. A few shocking incidents, and I knew that Exeter Station was at risk. I liked how the author explained the governance in the outer Milky Way. But it was Commander Sandhorn who stood out. He was real, he had his personal issues, but that did not come in the way of his responsibilities. He dealt with it.

Everything in me supported Sandhorn. He was cool and collected and knew how to lead his team. It was obvious that the author had envisioned his main character quite carefully. His actions during the crisis made me gasp in awe.

I couldn’t end the review without mentioning the thrilling last fight where the author sure built up some adrenaline in me making me grip my kindle harder and long for book 2.

A satisfying breakfast read

Who doesn’t love a good fight in space with toast and tea?! I do.

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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At the turn of the twenty-ninth century, the Milky Way is on the verge of a galactic war. The Combined Systems Alliance continues to expand their territory—much to the displeasure of the Free Planetary Union who, until now, lacked the resources to halt the encroachment. In a bid to wrest control from the Alliance and retake their former colonies, Union agents throughout the Alliance Fleet organize a mass insurgency seizing countless assets. During the ensuing chaos, numerous ships are decimated and millions of lives are lost.

Retired Alliance Commander Tanic Sandorn finds himself stranded on a border station after the Union launches an all-out assault. Fighting against anxieties from the incident that pushed him into early retirement, Sandorn accepts being recalled to active duty and propelled to the front lines. This time, he will protect his crew and the inhabitants of the Exeter star system from any approaching threat—never again will he leave anyone behind.

But outnumbered, outgunned, and outflanked, Exeter Station is left running at a fraction of its operating capacity. Sandorn and the Alliance officers on board must strategize quickly and carefully to hold their ground, or they will be forced to surrender the station, the system, and their lives.

Publication Date: June 2020

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  1. You are really expanding your genres with an intergalactic war sci-fi thriller for breakfast 😉

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