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Quite a domestic drama was this with twists and turns that kept me swimming in the murky depths of the story. Alice lost her first husband Tom on a skiing accident of sorts, then married Nathan and lived happily with her 2 daughters. Life was good with best friend Beth.

Then came those creeping thoughts about her husband’s infidelity when an errant earring rolled in the car, a hotel bill with couples massage, and mysterious text messages. Soon best friend started behaving surreptitiously. Ugghhh… What was Alice to do? She started her investigation but quite late down the book.

My first book by Sandie Jones, I loved the whole premise of it. It was almost like watching a movie on my kindle where the scenes unfolded with an evil delight. I liked it when husband squirmed in a slimy way. He was quite slippery like an eel. It was fun to see him trying to squeeze out of the sticky situations. Then came the friend who kept hiding away. Soon the Facebook profile of the first husband showed activity. So many of these cute suspenseful surprises, shocks for main character, kept popping up. I watched /read this thriller with a quiet glee. The only thing missing was popcorn.

This was an oft repeated plot where the main character went through the pills and alcohol phase. I loved the story more when Alice took charge and changed her own fortunes. I would advice you to read it with wine and popcorn. A fun reading movie!!

I received the ARC from Edelweiss and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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For Alice, life has never been better.

After the death of her first husband, she has remarried, with a successful business, two children and a beautiful house.

In Beth, she also has the best friend she has always wanted. A friend without judgement, she is the most trustworthy and loyal person Alice knows.

So when Alice begins to suspect her husband Nathan is having an affair, Alice turns to Beth to help her find the truth. She can trust Beth, can’t she . . .?

49 Responses

  1. A reading movie, squirmy, slippery eel.I love this review! You really do paint a picture with your words. This one is right up my alley, sounds like one I’d enjoy too.

  2. I love how crazy Jane was in this book…and how she thought she was normal! Crazy ride and a satisfying ending!

  3. “The husband squirm in a slimy way” well, I’m intrigued! I still haven’t read the author’s first book yet. What was your rating for her other book? Was it worth the read?

  4. I love it when books read like a movie in your head. Those are the best. I’ve tried explaining that to other people before and they look at me like I’m crazy. Good to know other readers “get it.” Great review Shalini!

  5. As I started reading your review, I thought not another best friend/husband betrayal. Then you start talking about previous husband and suspicious behaviour, starting to sound better. I love the comparison of a watching a movie and the husband as an eel?? I love the sound of this, amazing review.

    1. Hahaha it was a good book Carla. Some books should be made into movies, I believe. Apparently her first book is much better. Have you read it?

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