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Dana Perry is one brilliant author who rocked my Sunday afternoon, stealing my hours of siesta with this thriller which kept me at the edge of my bed with choking anticipation. I had to know who killed cop Maura Walsh… Nothing mattered to me more than that, I was so focused.

Police reporter Jessie Tucker was back with the second book which was a complete standalone investigating the murder of the cop.

The author made my investigative juices flow when the suspense wasslowly build up. Every chapter revealed something mysterious about the victim. All was not as it appeared. It was a thrillathon of sorts where I could feel the impending twists as I read down the pages. My pulse smoothly rocketed up..

The book gave me a complete high as the pages turned. JESSIE was an amazing reporter with a past. She was bold and brassy, quite diplomatic in some places. But her determination shone in the entire book. Complete credit to the author for etching her character so lovingly yet with a dedicated, detailed hand.

What else could I say which would reveal all that I felt? It was one roller coaster ride, which thrilled me with the secrets hidden in the life of cop Maura Walsh. The suspense was kept at a peak right up to the final reveal. I loved it.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Maura was perfect.
A perfect liar.

One humid summer evening, Officer Maura Walsh is lead to her table at a local restaurant – it’s a trendy place with cocktails on the menu, full of office workers leaning across the bar to flirt. She’s prettier than most of the women here, but everybody gives her a wide berth. She doesn’t eat or drink anything. She doesn’t meet anyone’s eye.

An hour later, Maura is dead. Her silky red hair swirls in the dirty puddles beneath her body. The dank walls of a forgotten alley are the last thing she ever saw. It took a long time for Maura to die, alone in the dark.

Somebody made sure she would have plenty of time to think about what she’d done.

Publication Date: June 2020

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  1. Thrilling enough to keep you awake on a sleepy Sunday afternoon! That says a lot about your enjoyment and the author’s ability to draw you in and keep you there. Great review, Shalini!

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