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The background: The Dregs are the soldiers, captured in childhood, experimented, mutated, injected with more animal DNA than human, then sent to war fronts but when injured, they are to be killed by the General. But 9 Dregs escape and are in hiding with a huge bounty on their heads. Gordon, the nicest of them all dies in book 1, so there are 8, and this is their story…

The Healer the one who can use his touch to cauterize wounds and take away pain into himself. The third dreg to enter my life and how can I not love a man who was know as Healer… That would be like betraying my fraternity….

The story goes thus; Alissa was the one who looked after Hazel, Jacob’s daughter from book 2 and when she found herself in trouble, the first person she could think of was Nate, the handsome and kind dreg with the body of a Greek God… So yummy…

Author Leslie Georgeson has done it again, delivered a smoothly written novel with twists that saw me holding my breath, the chemistry that kept me gasping for breath, and the action scenes that literally took my breath away…. I love it when the heroine soon becomes stronger down the pages and fights along with her man and saves him and other Dregs without fear… Ooooh delicious.

In this book too, the Dregs make me fall in love with them the way they stand up for each other, their camaraderie makes me long to be a part of their family, the courage has me running to find mine.

Nate captured me by his absolute decency and kindheartedness. This book also delved into the dreg bond that existed between Nate and Tony. Leslie’s penmanship about their bond had me feeling all the emotions the two of them felt including when one of them dies… I literally died too… What happened next has to be read and felt…

This book squeezed my heart at the end, and what can I say

They are the Dregs and I love them all and that’s all that matters

I downloaded the digital copy of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Leslie Georgeson is the author of the standalone mystery/drama NO SON OF MINE, the UNLIKELY HEROES romantic suspense series, the paranormal/sci-fi romance series UNDERNEATH, and the newly released THE DREGS, a military romantic suspense series. Leslie lives with her husband and daughter on a quiet country acreage in Idaho. She is currently working on The Trainer, the fifth book in The Dregs series, and anticipates a January 1, 2019 release.

Publication date: 1st August 2018

17 Responses

    1. Awww Leslie, so happy you liked. It is an honor when an author comments on my post and it makes my heart fly when that author is a special friend and so close to my heart

    1. I am more in lust with the bod, than you are… Did you see the abs and he is a doc… Perfect combination. He can treat me, have me… Basically I am ready for him😍😍

  1. I have to admit Shalini that one glance at that cover did not make me think it was going to be like you describe in your review. When will I ever learn to not judge books by their covers? LOL

  2. I always stay away from books with half naked men on the cover because I’m scared it’s going to be an erotic romance kind of book.. but you made this sound way more interesting!! Great review (as always 😉)

      1. I don’t mind erotic scenes in books, I just can’t get into a story that is practically entirely made up of them! I’m not too big on romance novels so I just don’t enjoy that type of story. But this really does look like a fun series to read! Maybe I’ll check it out 😊

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