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The book had suspenseful elements, but it read more like a family drama. This was my first experience with the author’s work, and I was quite entranced by her writing. Smooth as whisky, it had me rooting for the main character.

Romy and Michael had a good marriage with 2 grown-up boys until a letter destroyed Romy’s peace of mind. She had to move away from the situation to understand the truth. But a tragedy befell the family, and she was pulled in. But something was still wrong somewhere.

For me, it was the writing which which kept me going. Expecting a thriller from the blurb, I went in quite excited. But the story didn’t disappoint me. It moved in a slightly different direction while coming back to the main plot line at times.

This was more of a family drama at the core, though it dealt with a pretty strong topic. There were many moments of indecision where I didn’t know if I could trust what was being told to me. It was a question of he said/she said until the truth was revealed.

Human psyche explored was intriguing. I wouldnt say I liked all the characters, but Romy was interesting. I kept hoping that she would find her purpose in life. The book kept a steady pace in unveiling her dilemma, and I could read it in a couple of hours.

An interesting afternoon.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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The closer the couple, the bigger the lie . . .

Romy and Michael have it all. Over 30 years of marriage, two grown-up sons, a beautiful London home as well as a weekend bolthole by the sea. If Romy’s had to sacrifice some of her dreams along the way to support Michael’s high-flying legal career, then it’s been a price worth paying.

Until the arrival of a letter changes everything.

At first Romy can’t believe what it is saying. That Michael – an upholder of the law, with an unwavering sense of right and wrong – could do something so terrible.

But then other lies start to emerge and she starts to wonder who the man she’s shared her heart, her bed, the best years of her life with, really is.

Walking away should be the start of a new chapter for Romy.

But an urgent telephone call brings her back into Michael’s life – and propels her into the past and the allegations which ended their marriage.

Innocent or guilty? Truth or lie? How well can you ever know those closest to you?

Publication Date: September 2019

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