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The Quiet Girls was quite a twisted tale, a thriller mixed with a police investigation. D.I. Carrie was back with her colleague Paul, and they were thrown into quite a conundrum with the cases which came to them head-on.

It all started with 3 young girls going into an empty house and seeing something or someone which haunted them. A family rushing out to an island in order to escape evil. And one phone call by a young girl asking for help were the three pieces which started this story. And Detective Carrie had to traverse the way through this minefield. Carrie’s past too came to the surface.

My second book by author J. M. Hewitt, and I was quite thrown aback at the way the story twisted and turned. From a phone call for help to an island of escape, I was quite amazed at the way the author planned out the different parts of the story. It read so fast that I never knew when it got done, I found myself quite eager to know how it would all come together.

The ending led to a massive reveal which had everyone shocked. This was one of my most different reads. I should have expected the unexpected when I knew I was reading a book by J. M. Hewitt.

Some parts might have appeared a bit unbelievable, but desperate people do take decisions in a panic. That didn’t bother me much as I was too curious to know the secrets. A different but fun read. I would be on guard in book 3.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Detective Carrie Flynn’s sister Hattie was kidnapped when they were both just little girls, but the face of the man who took her is a blank in Carrie’s memory. After the police never found the culprit, Carrie swore she would become a detective.

Twenty years later, when eleven-year-old Melanie Wilson, a quiet girl who loves books, is reported missing, Carrie drowns in memories of her lost sister. Searching for Melanie, Carrie finds grainy black-and-white footage of the young girl with her parents at a harbour, boarding a boat and disappearing. Carrie realises they have headed for a deserted wasteland, the river island Pomona. What could make a family so desperate to escape their home?

Then the police receive a mysterious message from another young woman, calling from the same docks where Melanie vanished: I gave you his name, where to find him, but you did nothing. My blood is on your hands.

Carrie is sure Melanie and her family are in terrible danger. She knows what it’s like to have the authorities give up on you, and something in the voice sounds horribly familiar. It may have nothing to do with her lost little sister, but she will never ignore a plea for help.

To find Melanie, Carrie must unlock the memories she has buried for years – but will it be too late? Can Carrie use her own demons to bring Melanie home safely and finally get justice for her beloved sister?

Publication Date: November 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

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