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Wow!! Author David Bell really did know how to spin the perfect lives on Instagram and Facebook into the crux of the story. The book was gripping and action filled, where the story would dip and dive into a different twist in every chapter. Quite enthralling.

Ryan had it all, perfect wife and kid and a good job. He was a do-gooder too who helped a family that had lost its daughters to a road accident. But were things really so nice and true? A request, you could call it a threat too, from his best friend to steal his letters from his ex’s home started the entire story rolling.

My second book by this author, and man, was I hooked into Ryan’s life. Each character was shaded, their life eclipsed at different moments in the book. With the writing showing me the multi facets, I was quite thrilled to suspect all of them if nefarious deeds. I was disappointed when some proved to be good. I so love a book where all are wicked.

Fast paced in its speed, the writing kept the pitch right. I couldn’t seem to let go of my kindle. Wanting to know the truth became my greatest obsession. I liked how an innocuous friend request could cast a dread in Ryan’s life.

Wholly entertaining, the book marked the beginning of my reading weekend.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Ryan Francis has it all–great job, wonderful wife, beautiful child–and he loves posting photos of his perfect life on social media. Until the night his friend Blake asks him to break into a woman’s home to retrieve incriminating items that implicate Blake in an affair. Ryan refuses to help, but when Blake threatens to reveal Ryan’s darkest secret–which could jeopardize everything in Ryan’s life–Ryan has no choice but to honor Blake’s request.

When he arrives at the woman’s home, Ryan is shocked to find her dead–and just as shocked to realize he knows her. Then his phone chimes, revealing a Facebook friend request from the woman. With police sirens rapidly approaching, Ryan flees, wondering why his friend was setting him up for murder.

Determined to keep his life intact and to clear his name, Ryan must find the real murderer–but solving the crime may lead him closer to home than he ever could have imagined.

Publication Date: 30th June 2020

10 Responses

  1. This sounds really good, Shalini. With so many people using social media to portray their perfect lives, I find it believable. I have to wonder, of course, as the author would want me to, just what would motivate his friend to set him up and what dark secret he holds.

  2. This is an author I am not familiar with at all, but this review is wonderful, soooo, I will be checking out his books and see what I can find.

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