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This was a fantastic game!!

A game?

But you read a book!!

I agree.

It was a book which played a game with me. The author’s writing was so coated in mystery that my mind kept screaming – what is she trying to tell me? What is she hiding from me? Jackie Walsh kept me second guessing the whole time I read the story. I tried to decipher the hidden suspense. But alas, I didn’t succeed. Only at the very end could I try to perhaps come to the right guess. Whew!

The story was pretty much simple, but made so convoluted that I had to scream at the characters to react… Show me the truth… Confront him…. What are you doing?… Why are you doing this?… Sal was a hairdresser and her husband was Tom. One day, a client showed a pic on her phone of boyfriend and his father. The father was Tom, Sal’s husband. Then cane the story of lies and games, of truth and lies, of fake and reality. Add a murder too and you have a suspenseful mystery.

Innocence was never brilliantly played as this author did with her characters. I could not make out who was innocent and who was guilty. They were unlikable equally with hints of vulnerability. Not all of us are brave enough to rock a comfortable boat. I wanted Sal to confront her louse of a husband. I think I swore at that husband more times I could count.

It was quite a heart wrenching book!!

What? Was it emotional?

No no it was a suspense… All my swear words were wrenched from my heart at the husband and I was drained out at the end.

Whew!! 😂 😂 😂

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Author of Thrillers

You know everything about your husband. Don’t you?

He loves you. He loves your children. He’d never put his family in danger.

One of these is a lie.

It started like any other day at the hairdressers where Sally works as a stylist… until her first client innocently shows her a family photograph; a photograph that causes Sally to collapse in shock.

In one moment, Sally discovers that Tom has been hiding an explosive secret – one that could tear apart the life they’ve built together. Faced with an impossible dilemma – search for the truth, or keep her contented life? – Sally is about to discover that even those closest to us have secrets… and that sometimes the truth is the last thing we want to hear.

Publication Date: 6th November 2019

Publisher: Hera Books

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