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OMG. What a book!! It caused goosebumps to appear as I read down the pages. The author Charly Cox was a master planner who plotted the construction of The Toybox in such a way that her main characters Detectives Alyssa Wyatt and Cord found themselves racing to the finish line to find the lost girls.

Rachel Otis went to a frat party and disappeared. Soon the case touched Alyssa close to her home when Holly’s best friend Jersey disappeared. The cops knew they had to work fast to save the girls. This time stakes were too high.

My second book by the author, the writing caused a shiver down my back at the hints of what happened to these girls were told to me. There was nothing graphic but what was left unsaid creeped me out completely.

The prose had a haunting magic to it. I was supposed to read a couple of chapters just before bed, but I couldn’t stop reading. The reasons for the kidnapping were nefarious. Every chapter added to the fear in my heart, I could feel it pounding. The things the girls went through and the immense strength shown by them caught me by my throat. I couldn’t breathe or sleep. The vengeant heart of mine demanded justice.

I goaded Alyssa and Cord to investigate faster. Their work chemistry and the cohesive way they put their brains to action was poetry in motion. Their vulnerabilities were gently caressed in the midst of a busy case. I loved getting to know them further.

The ending was a massive shocker. I was in absolute awe of the author’s mind in the way she twisted the story. It was a difficult read, but nothing could have loosened my grip on my kindle until I reached the end.

A brilliant read from beginning to end.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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You don’t want to play their games…

All around Albuquerque, New Mexico, young women are going missing, seemingly vanished into thin air. With no link between the victims, Detective Alyssa Wyatt is quickly plunged into a horrifying case with no obvious clues.

And when Jersey Andrews, the best friend of Alyssa’s teenage daughter, Holly, joins the list of vanished girls, the case becomes personal.

But this investigation will lead Alyssa and partner Cord into the most sinister depths of humanity; an evil place where life is expendable, and where the depraved can fulfil their darkest desires – if they have the money to pay for it.

As the first bodies appear, abandoned on the streets, Alyssa is forced into a frantic hunt to track down the killers – before more innocent women lose their lives. But when the truth comes out, it seems that the key to solving the case was hiding in the last place anyone expected…

Publication Date: May 2020

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    1. It is not blatantly graphic but hints of abuse are done. The imagination completes what the author does not…. I don’t know the definite acts done. But with a line or two I can imagine the abuse. It is shivery. But you can skim that as chapters are clearly titled. But it is something different, read it on a strong day

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