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A fun story about affairs and revenge and of course twists.

Fran made a mistake 2 years ago, Tessa knew her husband was not the faithful types. Living in the same village with children in the same school, their lives intersected occasionally until Tessa started calling on Fran frequently. Strange things happened to Fran like chilli in a cupcake, strange phone calls from the school, etc. And the fun began…

My first book by author Deirdre Palmer, the story appeared straightforward where I got to know both the women’s POV. I think I have a bit if Tessa in me who wanted revenge. The writing was clear, but twisted along with the human psyche.

The vibe the book gave me was that something momentous was about to happen and all was not as it appeared to be. I read the book in anticipation of the twist that would throw me off scent. And the author did not disappoint. Both the ending chapters showed me one thing that I always believed in

Revenge is a dish best served cold…

Being a thrill seeker in books, I wanted more twists right from the beginning of the story. Overall, it was a fabulous read which slightly quenched my bloodthirsty heart. I need more such books!!

I received a free ARC from Rachel and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Deirdre writes women’s fiction, with strong themes of family, friendship and love, and the challenges ordinary people face in their everyday lives. She also writes under the name Zara Thorne. Her novels are published by Crooked Cat and Fabrian Books.

Deirdre also writes short stories and is published by D C Thomson for The People’s Friend magazine.




https://www.facebook.com/deirdre.palmer. 735




Sometimes the lie is safer than the truth.

Fran made the biggest mistake of her life when she had an affair with Ben. Both families live in the village of Oakheart; their children are friends. Fran’s guilt shadows her days. But it’s no more than she deserves, or is it? At least she’s managed to protect her husband, Hector, from the harsh truth.

But for how long?

Tessa has left her troubles in the past and now has the perfect life. Ben might have his faults, but his life has not been easy. They need each other, and Tessa will do whatever it takes to eliminate any threats to her marriage.

Threats from women like Fran.

A cliff overlooks a disused chalk-pit. The locals call it High Heaven. It’s a place of secrets. And it’s where Oakheart newcomer Maria died. When Fran discovers a link between Maria and Ben, disturbing questions arise to which she has no way of knowing the answers.

Faced with an ultimatum from Tessa, time is running out for Fran. She’s scared, every minute of every day.

But where does the real danger lie?

Publication Date: 22nd October 2019

10 Responses

  1. It’s hard to know what one would actually do in that situations, but it is certainly fun to mentally explore the possibilities. Fran certainly got more than she bargained for when she started the affair.

    1. Thank you… So far, I haven’t been able to take revenge… So maybe one day my bloodthirsty heart would demand one in real life 😂😂

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