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This was a slow burn thriller where a nurse wife Jane returned home post her duty and found her writer husband John had disappeared at night leaving the sleeping children alone. Then came the cops, and the investigation started.

My first book by author T. J. Brearton saw my interest peaking at points when the different clues and red herrings came to light at strategic points. John’s abandoned car with the blood streaks, old high school friend suddenly popping up for dinner, a blonde found meeting the husband at night, a mysterious mail found in spam, a depleted bank account, a murdered drug dealer, and a bounty hunter, all brought out the sparks of excitement.

My niggles too came along with it, the story was very slow and quite predictable. The twists were quite unexpected but didn’t really thrill me.

Overall a fun read.

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I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Joffe Books, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Jane Gable returns from her shift at the hospital one night to find her two children asleep in bed and her husband gone, his phone and wallet left behind.

John has long been a responsible and dependable man, maintaining a predictable schedule. He is a former alcoholic, and so Jane fears he has relapsed and may be in trouble.

An ‘old friend’ of John’s, Bruce Barnes, turned up on their doorstep the day before his disappearance.

Jane’s son Russ had seen a mysterious blonde woman at the house.

An SUV keeps showing up. Jane feels watched and under threat.

Then John’s abandoned car is found with blood on the steering wheel and Jane fears the worst. And there is a revelation that will make her question her own sanity.

Jane desperately begins investigating on her own. Suspects include her ex-husband, her stepbrother, and the mysterious blonde.

Publication Date: 14th May 2019

Publisher: Joffe Books

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    1. On an average one per day, but sometimes if I don’t want the world to bother me, then I bury myself and read 2 or 3. Then I have days where I don’t read much 🙈😂😂

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