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Everyone has a story, everyone has a past. We all have the pain which we hide deep in our hearts, not having the courage to unlock that. Such was the curious case of Nancy Jones, and this book was her journey through life, facing the biggest heartache that no mother should ever have to undergo.

This was quite an unexpected read. I took me two tries to get into this book. The beginning was slow, but once I got to know Nancy Jones, then believe me, this story touched all the chords of my emotions.

Nancy Jones was the cat lady with 30 cats… Nah… The kids exaggerated, she had only 5 with different personalities. To earn money, she took up looking after cats while the owner was away. One day, in one such home, she saw the photo of her past sitting right there in the desk. That opened the chest of her sorrows she had been hiding away.

My first book by Amy Miller, saw me holding my kindle close to me as if I could wipe Nancy’s tears and decrease her pain. An accident and a loss marked her heart, scarred it to the point she could love her cats. She was not afraid, but she felt better amongst cats who understood her. Soon Nancy met Alfie a tiny tot who was bullied in school, and both of them captured my heart with their innocence.

Author Amy Miller has done a brilliant job of ensnaring me. It was not done all at once but slowly one thread at a time till I could just do nothing about read about Nancy Jones and her strength. Every page showed me how she was willing to let go of the past and take those tentative steps toward a future. A house which had only cats soon overflowed with people, their emotions bringing the joy which the walls had not seen for many years. A coat of paint can uplift a house, a hug from a friend can uplift that pain, laughter of a child can uplift life.

With its quiet footsteps, the book stole my heart one beat at a time till Nancy Jones the cat lady became mine to cherish.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Amy Miller lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. The author of seven novels, including contemporary women’s fiction and wartime saga, she writes under the names Amy Miller and Amy Bratley.

Everyone in town knows Nancy Jones. She loves her cats. She loves her tumbledown house by the sea. She loves her job in the local school where she tries to help the children who need help the most. Nancy tries hard not to think about her past loves and where those led her…

Nancy never shares her secrets – because some doors are better kept locked. But one day she accepts a cat-sitting request from a local woman, and at the woman’s house, Nancy sees a photograph, in a bright-red frame. A photograph that opens the door to her painful past…

Soon Nancy doesn’t know what frightens her the most: letting her story out, or letting the rest of the world in. It’s impossible to find companionship without the risk of losing it. But can Nancy take that risk again?

Publication Date: 26th April 2019

Publisher: Bookouture


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      1. 3 fat love bugs, but I often foster kittens for an animal rescue group – there is nothing like kitten love!

  1. Beautiful review, Shalini. I can see why the story moved you so much. It also sounds like the character development was done really well.

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