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Oh boy!! This was one wicked ride from start to finish. I raced down the pages as fast as Corliss the evil transformed men into the killing machines, all with a common target Sierra. This was Corliss’s game to find out if Sierra had what it took to become the Unhallowed.

My first book by Tim Waggoner, the story had me quite in a thrum of adrenaline when the body count raised. The villain Corliss just had to transform the people then they became their inner selves. It is said the devil resided in some of us. And after reading this horror of a thriller, I agreed absolutely. Tim has taken parts of sci-fi, parts of slasher serial killer, parts of zombie horror to merge them into this book. Each chapter brought out the monsters without consciousness to the forefront

This book was a direct hit to my senses, unexpected and bold, with multitude of gross indecent behavior, inner lust, and extreme violence. The author certainly did not shy away, even when parts of me did. But the rest of me stopped analyzing and just sat motionless on this wild ride. Did I want to get off? Nopes, not once.

Not the book for the faint-hearted!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher Flame Tree Press, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Tim Waggoner’s first novel came out in 2001, and since then he’s published close to forty novels and three collections of short stories. He writes original dark fantasy and horror, as well as media tie-ins. His novels include Like Death, considered a modern classic in the genre, and the popular Nekropolis series of urban fantasy novels.

Sierra Sowell’s dead brother Jeffrey is resurrected by a mysterious man known only as Corliss. Corliss also transforms four people in Sierra’s life into inhuman monsters determined to kill her. Sierra and Jeffrey’s boyfriend Marc work to discover the reason for her brother’s return to life while struggling to survive attacks by this monstrous quartet.

Corliss gives Sierra a chance to make Jeffrey’s resurrection permanent – if she makes a dreadful bargain. Can she do what it will take to save her brother, no matter how much blood is shed along the way?

Publication Date: 25th July 2019

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Amazon UK

22 Responses

    1. This was murder mayhem, zombie along with unabashed sexual talks… Hahaha it shocked me… Nothing buried about it. In fact soon there was an orgy with thingy getting buried omg omg shocking

          1. There you with an enthusiastic YES and I am the one who is thought to be naughty… 😂 😂 😂 😂

  1. Sounds like some adrenaline pumping in this hell of a book. Your book reviews are the perfect guide to readers and you should make website to monetize, a good avenue to explore. My humble suggestion Shal!

  2. Oooh….this one sounds nice indeed! Jeezzz…I keep adding books because of your, Kim’s and Lashaan’s reviews lol😂😂 Not complaining though! 😊

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