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The book was so much more than its blurb. It began with an enthralling dread with the main character, Nadira Holden, crawling out of her grave and then fighting off a vampire. Going back home, she had a few surprises, her father had disappeared, people had changed, magic was more prevalent, and lo and behold—demons and humans lived side by side after signing the treaty. It was almost as if it was a new world, a new era… And Nadira had to learn and adjust and find herself

And boy, did she have some surprises deep within!!Some were pretty shocking!! In with the old, out with the new. You have to read the book to believe it. Metamorphosis and a new being, new rules and a new society, Nadira had to battle them all. Etching her complex character, intermingled with magic and soul binding was where the talent of author Azaaa Davis lay. Her writing was precise be it the action sequence, the inner thoughts, the memories of the past, or the magic spells.

And therein laid my niggles, the blurb was misleading, the story was quite different in some ways, and this change confused me initially. The amalgamation of the main character could have been much smoother, she could have been made more likable. Though her love interest Derek was yummy and complex.

A fast pace and smooth writing, thrilling action moves, magic and secrets, the demons and their prince, enigmatic Derek and a kickass Nadira made this book fabulous enthralling ride.

I received a digital copy of the book from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Azaaa Davis is a writer of urban fantasy novels.

She fell in love with reading as a high school freshman and continues to read, write, and draw today. Her background in social work helps her portray realistic characters in fantastic–and sometimes terrifying–situations. A New York native, Azaaa currently lives in New Hampshire (USA) with her husband and daughter.

She debuts with This Time, A Nadira Holden Novel, about demon hunters, family ties and the magic of love.

Azaaa is working diligently to finish writing more fantasy novels while raising her daughter. Her next book is expected to be released in early 2019.

Legendary demon hunter Nadira Holden has been torn from her next life and resurrected in present-day New York. The demons she once battled have made peace with humans. Or, so they claim. But brawls between demons and humans are becoming more frequent, and human leaders are disappearing.

Tasked by the shadowy organization that trained her, she must battle her own personal trauma and once again fight for the souls of mankind. Will Nadira remain a beacon of light to those fighting for humankind? Or will she lose her humanity to the darkness within?

Publication Date: 1st October 2018

Publisher: Camp-Davis Productions



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  1. You read and write at great speed… Incredible! I think I’ll give you the nickname “Crazy wheels”. Are you old enough to remember those tires? In my youth, these bicycle wheels were so cool that we felt like we drove faster than the cars. Well, your writing is smart, quick and fun just like the colors and design of these tires. I know it’s a funny comparison to make but it’s meant to be a compliment. Much love!

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