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Happy 2019 to one & all

This book is a bullet… It starts with a bang, travels at the speed of light and doesn’t stop till it reaches the target. 2 brother + 2 girls + 1 Nano = travel 500 miles to Waypoint to restore power to the world.

An adventurous thriller like no other, this book by Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins saw me stuck to the book the whole Sunday, longing to get to the end. The book didn’t allow me to breathe, ok it did… But I didn’t want to, I just wanted the story to go on….

I loved the way the authors knew their way around a thriller. Each chapter pulled me in. The brothers got separated, each met up with a girl and had enough trials and tribulations to keep my pulse skyrocketing.

Characterizations of brothers Simon and West were in contrast to each other, yet similar. West was the hunk, better in physical aspects, and Simon was the gamer, a hacker. They were both brave, wanting to protect and to do good for the people. And, yes, they were both sexy…. Oodles of oomph!!

The girls had their own strengths, Riya Sharma was a total badass who could take a guy out with a few kicks. And Alex was sweet vulnerable, filled with corny jokes but with a spine of steel. I was mightily impressed with the way the authors have made them no damsels in distress.

I love action sequence, guns knives, grenades, and this book gave me all that and more. The only niggle, if you can call it that, was that the plot was straightforward in most parts and I would recommend reading the prequel Intel, before getting to this to really understand what was happening in the region.

This book was nothing short of a vivid three dimensional motion picture, with action, adventure, romance, and of course, saving the world. Everything that I want in my movies and in my book.

I received a digital copy from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Teenage gamer Simon Harper happens to be a tech-genius and has been searching for the cause of the outage, but each new discovery only leads to more questions. When the key to restoring the power finally falls into his hands, Simon will have to partner with one of his least favorite people, his twin brother West, to bring it back.

On their 500-mile trek to Waypoint, they’re tested in ways they never expected. And when two girls with secrets of their own tag along, the brothers must decide if trusting them is worth their lives. Will Simon survive the journey when the girl he develops feelings for may be the enemy he’s running from?

Publication date: 1st December 2018

Publisher: Rocket City Publishing

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    1. Happy 2019 💞 💕 Stephen.
      This was a great book, the authors were kind enough to send across this one when I liked their prequel… Waiting for their next one

    1. I can write only on some days… Since a couple of days I am blocked for words… The only lines I could think of was – the book was good, the book was okay, the book was bad… Blehhh so frustrated with myself 😂😂

      1. Dont worry, Shalini! Its a good review, and you should have some free time only for yourself. Very honoring doing reviews also on New Years Day, but think on your health too. Best wishes, Michael

        1. Well, I will look after my health. Thank you for being there always in the last year. Happy new year to you too. Happy 2019 💕 💞 Be happy always

      2. Are you kidding, Shalini?! You have an amazing way with words!! I think many of us have days when we’re blocked, but if it happens to you, I haven’t noticed it. 😉

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