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Evil made its presence felt

Who knew…

A good psychopathic thriller, hair raising in its premise, the writing sure added to the darkness that this book imbibed then exuded from its characters. What I knew was that author Miranda Smith did cause me some heebers-jeebers with the evil magic of her writing.

Evil hidden amongst us…

Who knew

What I knew was that Della, a teacher, knew from personal experience that some had darkness in them and they never stopped. When the new girl Zoey entered her class, she raised some hackles. When students started getting hurt, Delia had to decide to find that boundary between past and present. Or were they intertwined.

Evil rose at times

Who knew…

What I knew was that my second book by this author was a fast read. I was captured pretty quickly from the first few lines. Darkness and impending danger along with an unhinged brain was subtly felt. I wasn’t sure at times if I ought to believe the main character. She pulled me close yet threw me off with her convictions. The author kept me dancing on my toes in the entire book.

Evil did die, did it not?

Who knew…

What I knew was that the story might not have had major twists, but it did have slow reveals and a shocking end.

Evil would rise again

Who knew…

What I knew was that it was a fun breakfast read that got done before I had to warm my tea for the second time.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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My brother was thirteen the first time he tried to kill me.

These days, Della is a loving wife, a dedicated teacher, a woman trying to do her best. She has put her past far behind her. But she hasn’t forgotten the lessons she learned.

It’s just a regular morning when Della welcomes Zoey to her English class. She treats her like any other new student: assigns her a desk, hands out the work. But then she meets Zoey’s cold, calculating eyes and freezes as terrifying memories threaten to overwhelm her.

Della knows what evil looks like when it hides behind a confident smile. Her own brother, the town’s darling, couldn’t keep his true nature hidden for ever. Della has been watching out for people like him ever since, determined to stop them before it’s too late.

When a student is viciously attacked and Della is sent a detailed account of the crime, she’s more convinced than ever that Zoey has darkness inside her.

But to make people believe her, she needs proof. Will she risk everything to get it? And without it, can she be sure she’s right?

Publication Date: June 2020

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  1. I wish I could inhale books as quickly and comprehensively as you do – I covet your mad skills!

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