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Nary such a jumpy book have I read before! Nooo my kindle did not jump but the characters and timelines did. And I struggled to really get my head around all of them. Ah well…

Andi and Camilla became friends in college, it felt like Camilla had targeted Andi and played to her feelings, and they lived together along with two others. A party and a tragedy caused two to die, one to commit suicide and the last to survive. 17 years later, story talks about Andi’s marriage and her kids and her routine life till she is stalked on Twitter… Sheesh I tell you… This social media… Ah well…

My first read by Sarah Simpson, and the story just dragged on, very, very slow. Within the first 20% I had guessed the plot, then it was just a matter of being proved right. It started as a thriller till the last few pages, where it became a women’s fiction full of sadness and pathos. If only all the women had been honest and straight, tragedies wouldn’t have occurred… And then this book wouldn’t have been written too. Ah well…

I didn’t like the characters or their friends or the husband. The writing was great but didn’t emote all the feelings and didn’t give off a vibe of a thriller. Should have had a faster pace and better formating of timelines.. I had unanswered questions too. Oh yes, there was a mysterious therapist with a mysterious past, I didn’t know why her past was significant… Maybe it was a red herring.. Ah well…

I liked the cover though I didn’t know its significance in story… Ah well…

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Andi met Camilla at university. Instantly best friends, they shared everything together. Until their long-planned graduation celebration ends in tragedy…

Years later, Andi is living a seemingly perfect life on the rugged Cornish Coast with her loving husband, happy children and dream home. Yet Andi is haunted by a secret she thought only she knew.

Someone out there is bringing Andi’s deepest fears to life. And she knows there’s no escaping the past that has come back to haunt her…

You trusted me with your secrets, you told me everything, you thought I was your best friend… but you have no idea WHO I AM.

Publication Date: 6th November 2018

Publisher: Aria

47 Responses

  1. I like that you’re a reviewer who doesn’t hesitate to post a negative review about a book! Your honest opinion is much appreciated. I already wasn’t very interested but this makes me feel even happier I didn’t request it. Thanks Shalini!

  2. Ah well…at least the cover looks good and there is that mysterious therapist who sounds kinda interesting 😀 For real though, sorry this one didn’t quite deliver.

  3. no, no, no, can’t call it a thriller if it drags. that sounds more like a cozy. OOPS! you didn’t hear me say that! regardless, you do justice by that excellent, inciteful review and had to agree with every one of your points. really, i have to like at least one of the characters.

      1. Just finished reading Woman of God, an adventure story with faith and doubt as one of its themes. By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. Nice writing technique but could have been more credible.

        1. I have heard of it. I used to read his books, I am finding James Patterson books have lost its old charm. The ones in combination with others, I haven’t tried them yet

          1. There are many of them he writes in combination with other authors but they don’t have the authentic James Patterson charm

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