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I wish the innocents ruled the world. But they don’t and sometimes, they get entangled in things beyond their understanding. This was one such story.

Arnold Eastwood had Down’s Syndrome, so innocence was in every cell of his body. He loved Clint Eastwood movies. He lived with his mum and her partner till he got the opportunity to stay on his own. The only problem was that part of town was infested with drug addicts and dealers. And soon, they came calling, and Arnold answered the door and invited them in. This was his story of how he survived it all.

My first book by author Kerena Swan, I went in thinking it to be a suspense thriller. But I realized soon enough that it wasn’t. The story developed slowly telling me Arnold’s life and the people surrounding him, neighbor Saskia and new drug dealer, Chip. Things overturned soon when the other dealers started staying in Arnold’s home.

The writing was detailed, and the story was written in multiple POV. I loved seeing the world through Arnold’s eyes. I could feel sympathy for the life all the three were soon pulled into. I was glad the author showed us a different kind of tale. Arnold’s family was another thing that captured me. Their love for each felt disjointed initially, but they all pulled through for him and their bonds of love were strengthened.

Drug deals and its graphic details don’t make a thrilling read for me. So I skipped over those parts and read only Arnold’s side of it.

Overall, quite a different read. It was Arnold who pulled me into the book and kept me there. Seeing the world through an innocent made me long to protect them all.

I received a free ARC from Sarah and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Kerena lives on the Bedfordshire/Buckingham border with her husband, son and two cats. She also has two daughters and two granddaughters.

‘Dying to See You’ is Kerena’s first novel, Her second book ‘Scared to Breathe is being released on 3rd June 2019. Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience in the problematic world of social work, Kerena adds a unique angle to the domestic noir genre.

Arnold Eastwood is thrilled when social services allocate him a flat all of his own. Independence hasn’t come easily to a young man with Downs Syndrome but now he has the chance to live free from his mum’s nagging, find a girlfriend, watch endless movies and make new friends.

Meanwhile a London drug gang is setting up a supply line in Arnold’s town. They’re looking for someone to deliver drugs for them and somewhere to set up a base of operations.

Soon Arnold and his flat are in the drug gang’s sights. Drawn into the dark underworld of crack cocaine and modern slavery, Arnold soon discovers that friends can in fact be deadly enemies.

The question is: can he break free?

Publication Date: 13th December 2019

16 Responses

  1. Sounds like a very intense read. I love the different components that it brings but I too would probably skim over the drug parts. Loved your review! ❤️

  2. Great, honest review of this one, Shalini. If the drug parts were too much for you I know I couldn’t handle them. Arnold’s story would be worth hearing though. I, too, love the innocents. 😊

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