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Detective Rachel Hart was back with a twisty delectable murder where red herrings and suspects kept her in the fog of mystery. My third book by author Julia Roberts, and the stories kept getting better and better. The author’s writing narrated this police procedural with conviction and confidence. She and Rachel had indeed traveled far.

Abi went for a run and saw a body hanging from the trees, it was her best friend Hannah. DCI Rachel Hart and her team were called to investigate.

Having read all the earlier works of this author, I was eager to get into this one. Rachel was real, like us, with strengths and vulnerabilities especially where her sister was concerned. She was strong while digging into the alibi of the suspects, but gentle while talking to the family of victims. Her methods were focused, her brain sharp, yet she never let go of the humane factor.

All was not as they presumed, that was the theme of this story. The author layered the story with subplots. I liked the winding lanes of a thorough investigation, the twists that changed the course of the book, and the final reveal.

A fast paced police procedural with a humane cop at the helm made this an entertaining read.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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When beautiful and bright Hannah is late for their morning run, her best friend Abi thinks nothing of it. Hannah isn’t always that reliable – she’s probably just overslept.

But as Abi runs through the woods, following the same route she always does, she is greeted by a horrifying sight: Hannah’s body, swaying in the breeze.

Detective Rachel Hart is called to the scene. Something seems wrong from the start. Hannah’s friends and family insist that she had everything to live for, and no one has a bad word to say about her. But when murder is confirmed, and Rachel starts digging, she soon realises that there were plenty of people with reasons to want Hannah dead.

Then a second woman is found strangled in the same woods, and everything Rachel thought is thrown into doubt. Is there a serial killer at work?

Rachel is determined to find answers before another life is lost – all the time unaware that the killer’s sights are focussed firmly on her.

Can Rachel unravel the deadly game before she walks into a trap?

Publication Date: May 2020

28 Responses

        1. I just started The Stranger in the Lake by Kimberley Belle. I find that my brain works better with mystery to forget the world crisis and fear.

          1. exactly. Or I wouldn’t mind a woman’s fiction as that too soothes my mind and talks about courage. Serial killers and mob crime fiction, I am trying to avoid now.

          2. If you’re interested The Modigliani Scandal by Ken Follet is a pretty good mystery. It’s a little bit like the Ocean’s movies

          3. AAah… It has been years since I read a Ken Follet. Last I read was probably The third twin or something like that about cloning or … Actually, I don’t remember the actual story, but it was on those lines.

          4. I think he writes long novels. I used to read them earlier. Now I feel more than 350 pages is too long. What about you?

          5. I don’t really mind how long the book is as long as it’s a good story that keeps me captivated, but if it’s 600 pages then I know I have to make a real comitment

    1. hahahaha I remember your review. and wanted to recommend Book 1 of hers to you just to read your review. I went back to goodreads to recollect. I called it chunky then, what would you have called it? Can’t stop laughing

          1. I’m having a hard time getting into it…its been sitting more than it has been open 😂

          2. Ah… My audiobook is just the same after I heard the sample… 😂 😂 I think some other time in life

  1. Good review, Shalini. I haven’t read any in this series, but it sounds like a good fit for you. I find even the title a little chilling. Maybe that’s why I like cozy mysteries so much. The titles make me smile at the play on words rather than give me the heebie jeebies.😉

    1. I like my cozies in a gentler mood, but being so stressed, I want a book which reads fast. Ah well, the world has changed, so must I

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