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A story of the past + using the science of future = Humans of the present

A big book of What if?!! What if it really had happened?!! What if all we knew was a big lie?!! What if we are nothing but the future which has happened in the past.

Before It Began is both the past and the future!!

Book excerpt

A sudden rustling came upon us. Our group turned in response to a large hairy animal with long arms, which had swung down from atop the trees and scurried through the thick bush. He sat upon his haunches before us, sniffling the air, swiping his gibbous face with a gawky hand. It was looking directly at our group; at least where it knew we should be standing, but couldn’t possibly have seen us. I entered the creature’s thoughts: it curious as to never having sensed the pungence we gave off, wondering if we had brought with us a different tasting food. He then let go a hideous howl, enjoined by several of the other wild creatures in the area. Though we could not be seen or heard, I certainly knew we could be smelled, and all the beasts that lurked about knew of our presence.

Amidst this commotion, two primitive humans came out from the jungle and into the stream. They were holding long wooden spears and wore loose fitting animal skins. They motioned to each other, speaking a mixed dialect of grunts and tongue clicks. They pointed to the howling creature just across the water from them, it gesturing in frustration at the men, then scuffled back into the dense vegetation to swing up into the canopy of trees. The primitive men looked about, commenting on the jungle noises, then turned their attention to the stream where they had netting made of woven vines stretched between the shoreline and several large rocks. They began to pull at the net, dragging it towards them, gathering up shoals of fish. At the shore they grappled with their catch, tossing it into bags hewn of animal skins they had slung over their shoulders.“These species are just developing from their primal stages,” commented Damascus; our cerebral conversing’s unheard by the primitive humans.

The primitive men turned towards the noise, towards us, spears raised. They jabbered between themselves. Their conversation flowing, my mind unlocking its meaning as they spoke keywords. Damascus and Glavov no doubt probing their thoughts, too. The primitives still talked, gesticulating, and now had started to wade across the waters towards us.

Our two Nephilim waded into the stream. Their huge bodies parted the waters, startling the primitives to a halt.

Confusion stirred about them. I stood beside Damascus.
“This planet is to be shared by our species,” Damascus stated. “They need to know we are among them.”

The primitive men approached. They could see the waters flowing strangely against two obstructions in the stream; the standing Nephilim. They raised their spears, ready to strike, knowing something lurked beneath the waist-deep waters. The primitives grumbled, bringing their arms back, set to release their weapons. We saw the outline of the Nephilim against the waters as they shifted themselves, readying the counter attack. In that instant Damascus pointed his transmurh staff towards the primitive men. Their spears flashed into flames and dropped as ash into the moving waters. The primitives yelled out in pain as they thrust their singed hands into the water.

The Nephilim adjusted their amulets and slowly revealed themselves. Horror struck the primitives. Utterings and grunts of fear escaped them as they stepped back from the strange beings, who were much larger, and whose faces were featureless, wide eyed, with little ears and little hair. Though the primitives were stricken with terror and wanted to run, Damascus mentally corralled them, forcing them to hold their position. The Nephilim moved forward and reached out, touching the primitives. And by the will of Damascus, the primitives did the same, extending their hands, their fingertips . . . touching the strange beings who stood before them.

Book Blurb

Have you ever wondered why geologists can never explain the great pyramids, or paleontologists the ascent of ancient ape-species? Did you know the great flood not only destroyed near all the humans upon the Earth but also the Cro-Magnon species as well? And that several of the world’s ancient cities were built long before any humans ever lived in them.

Experience world history like you never have before. Discover an alternate version as seen through the eyes of an extraterrestrial, an entity that has existed some 40,000 years already and holds the key to mankind’s fate. Discover Before it Began.

About the Author

I wrote my first book when I was in the fifth grade. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that the interest again struck me, beginning the laborious task of hashing out a novel and several short stories on an antiquated typewriter. I then took a break from it all and at the age of 54, I returned to my writing, picking up exactly where I had left off – though this time with a computer!

I have forever lived on Long Island with my wonderful wife and three great children. When not attending family matters, or the family dog, Toby, writing consumes most all of my free time. Not a day passes where I am not at my keyboard, plunking down plot or editing content. It is a life for which I am grateful. Family, faith, and the written word; what better an arrangement could anyone ever desire!

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