Author Interview – Thomas Zman @ThomasZman1

Today I take great pride to interview Thomas Zman, author of Before It Began 1. Hey Tom, welcome to my blog. I hope you have a fun time with me. Tell me something about yourself? Who is Thomas Zieman? I am a retired baker who’s always had a fascination with science fiction. I worked for […]

Blog Tour – Still with Robbie Yates

I have Robbie with yet for one more conversation, this time to listen to his heart speak. 1. Do you plan to write a book for teenagers? A novel of 300 odd pages? The Day I Ate My Teacher has a bit more absurd humor that will appeal to pre-teens and early teens, and The […]

Blog Tour – In Conversation with Robbie Yates

Welcome to my blog again. An honor to have you. It’s an honor to be back! 1. Robbie, we know poems make you tick and you are a children’s author. A good one at that. Tell me how do you get ideas for a book? Great question. Lots of my ideas come to me when […]

Blog Tour – In Conversation with Adam #characterinterview @robbie_b_yates

Welcome to my blog Adam, so wonderful to have an intelligent and enterprising young man with me. Thanks! I’m excited to be here! 1. Tell me something about yourself, Adam? Something about me? Hmm. I like drawing—a lot. Unfortunately for me, my teacher, Mrs Murphy, makes us all use a specific brand of markers—TrooCo markers—which […]

Author Interview – Drea Damara @DreaDamara

I had the opportunity to get Drea on my blog to ask her a few questions and get to know her and her visions for Blinney Lane Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Drea Damara 1) Tell me something about yourself I grew up in a rural community in Illinois, working on my family’s farm. I […]

Blog Tour – Steve Moretti live… @morettisteve

Steve, don’t get tired now… Just the last 5 questions.. Come on you can do it… Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Steve Moretti still typing away… 1. What does Steve do when he is not writing? Your other interests? (I know that he does love travelling as seen in his Instagram pictures, check them out, […]