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My review 

I got the opportunity to read this book and I took a chance on it as I find myself liking sci-fi, futuristic kind of novels. I am still discovering myself… 

Every human needs the personal freedom to be…. 

The premise of this book is futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, set in the year 2217, where the Western Hemisphere is the only surviving place on earth, and the Eastern Hemisphere is destroyed with apparently no survivors. The world of the Western Hemisphere is rigid with a low tolerance policy where there is no creative talent in humans, and if found, they are destroyed.  Dr. Arlene Eizenheim, the head of Eizenheim Technologies Limited, is the head honcho, she wants an idyllic society where the creativity gene is abolished in the genetically enhanced humans and she employs scientists who work hard to achieve that. 

On the other hand, there is a Head Employee, Mulder from the K9 cavalry who is looked after by the support staff, James. One wilful act of Mulder, leads James on a startling discovery of the truths which had so far been hidden and he travels an off beaten path to a new journey

A. V. Osten has written the book wrapped in mystery and intrigue, with a pinch of sci-fi thrown in. The author has etched out the characters carefully, whose ideologies are diametrically contrary.

On one hand there is the mad scientist, Dr. Eizenheim, who rules her company with an iron fist and restricts all creativity under her rule, music books art, in her aim to produce genetically enhanced humans, the good doctor makes a wonderful antagonist. And then on the other, there are those who oppose it and are willing to fight for their personal freedom. Mulder as the head employee K9, knows what he wants and James being his best friend is loyal and his discoveries make him choose his side to fight on, the strong protagonist. 

There are subplots, there are secondary characters, there is support from unexpected quarters. Eastern Hemisphere which is said to be wiped out by a cosmic storm with no survivors, suddenly comes to the fore front. What exactly happened to them, are there any survivors and how did they escape? What happens then to the Western Hemisphere?? These are some of the questions that the book raises, and all this and more is explained by Osten in her mini series

But obviously, there are my few niggles

The subplots in the story are little vague and difficult to understand, and I need a better framework, deeper background to understand the plot. Probably that would be explained in the following books. 

The most important factor that author Osten has understood and brought forth in her story is the basic need of all humans to be free and to create: be it music or books or paintings.

Every human needs to express himself…

So does the author in this book, she has started this book as a part of series where each series leads to a progressive story. 

My review : 4 stars 

About the Author 

Instead of the usual formal author bio, I decided to reach out to the author in the hope she would answer a few of my questions, just to get to know her more. And lo and behold, she did answer my questions and has been quite sweet about it. 

I present to you author A. V. Osten 

1) Who is A V Osten? Tell me something about yourself?

I was born and raised in Bulgaria in a family of teachers. My mom taught Literature, my dad – History and Physical Education. Reading has always been an important part of my life, since very early age. Later I graduated in Literature, Bulgarian Language, and I got a professional certificate for Teaching English as a Second language. I was an English Teacher in my country. Life brought me to Michigan in The United States in 2008, where I live with my husband, daughter and our three cats.

2) Why did you write this fast paced book in this sci-fi futuristic genre? What fascinates you about this genre?

I lived in a totalitarian country till I was 12, and there was censorship on culture – music, literature, cinematic arts, etc. Science fiction was one of the genres that were not as thoroughly censored, and I remember reading loads of sci-fi books. Writing sci-fi requires not only imagination, but also a lot of research. It takes a lot of effort to find the balance between the imaginative and the existing scientific knowledge that serves as a base for future technologies.

3) How long did it take you to write this story, did you have to do a lot of research?

The first draft took me three days, then the research took weeks. The trickiest part was to extract the most necessary information out of lots of research and use very little of it.

4) What kind of books do you like to read? Any favorite authors?

I read almost all genres – classics, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, Young Adult, middle grade, some scientific and historic non-fiction, detective novels, mysteries. Few of my favorites are John Steinbeck, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, John Connolly, Linwood Barclay, Elizabeth Kostova.

5) What does A. V. Osten do when she is not writing?

I read or paint abstracts with acrylics. It happens sometimes to run out of words, when overwhelming emotions take over. But the artistic expression is still there, trapped and screaming to be released. This is when I grab the paint. 

6) How many parts does this series have and when is you next book coming out? 

There will be three main parts, and a bonus story aside from the plot. I plan on releasing the second part in the end of October, and the third in January. When all of them are out, I will combine them in a single book, sold in electronic and paper formats.

7) Tell me some fun facts about yourself, which hardly anybody knows 

I can’t seem to make a good meal unless I have a glass of wine for inspiration.

When I speak, I sometimes mix the languages ( I speak three). My husband likes to call it “Bulgarian English taka-taka”

And that is the author A V Osten, sweet, funny, and totally friendly. 

She can be contacted via her website or on Facebook  



Product Details 

Publication date : 27th July 2017

Publisher :  Amazon Direct Publishing

Language : English 

Available on Amazon 


    Free on Kindle unlimited 

14 Responses

  1. Thank you Shalini. Probably this is one book I would look for and definitely if it’s a movie.
    The author is cute and your interview excellent

  2. I LOVE that you are branching into other genres! This is partially self-serving in nature as I adore sci-fi, but I also greatly appreciate it because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. There is so much you that has been untapped. You are a gold mine and you have just scratched the surface. 🤗

    1. Hi Jo, all your comments went into the spam section. I wonder why?? Is WP the wicked step mother trying to break soul sisters..
      Thank you so much. I also have discovered that I like reading different genres including horror. So its fun to finally start getting to know myself. I hope things have settled down at home for you. You are a great gal, a shining star. Even in periods of stress, you know how to shine whether in real life or on your blogs. Kudos girl

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