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A Mermaid and a pirate. Lorelei and Quinn, the two unlikeliest pair, yet the one who were right together.

The story went thus. Quinn was shipwrecked and he blamed Lorelei. Together they went to the forbidden island, rather Lorelei was Quinn’s prisoner. Both had a past and lorelei’s father, Poseidon, wanted to marry her off for his nefarious reasons. Lorelei and her sisters needed to find a solution, and Quinn was it.

A powerful debut by author Kimberly Cale, I found both the characters quite interesting and powerful, especially in the latter scenes. But it was to Lorelei that I was drawn to. The author had etched her character with a loving hand, making her both strong and vulnerable.

Love between the two blosommed slowly, but it demanded great sacrifices. Magic played its part and mythology paved its way. Some even coursed through the mighty waves, some appeared in the middle of the woods.

Emotions were written with a deft hand, light yet poignant. The chemistry between the main characters was sensuous and romantic. The alternate play between the fun filled and intense scenes hit me hard, but the author never allowed it to go overboard.


Plot twists and action along with sisterly bonds and magic made this book UNPUTDOWNABLE

A must read for lovers of mythology and fantasy.

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I received m, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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My Rating

Book Blurb

A vengeful pirate…
Ruthless pirate captain Quinn O’Connor is bent on getting revenge on the creatures who sank his ship and killed his crew. When he claims their leader as his captive, he doesn’t expect the scorching consequences that come with being stranded with her on a mysterious island.
A beautiful sea temptress…

Lorelei, a daughter of Poseidon, is willing to bargain with the dangerous pirate who captured her in order to save the ones she loves. He believes the worst of her and her kind, and when he drags her onto dry land, turning her beautiful tail into a pair of unsteady legs, she’s not sure if she’ll be able to return home—and soon she starts to wonder if she really wants to.

Magic and mayhem bring them together…
With each smoldering kiss, each heated touch, their desire blazes higher. Can they overcome misunderstandings and monstrous enemies seeking to tear them apart? Will a mermaid challenge her fate for the love of a pirate? Will an unforgiving pirate give up his revenge and take on a god to save his mermaid?

Book Details

Publication Date: 10th September 2020

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  1. A Mermaid and a pirate… magic, mythology, emotions, and sensuality… Have I wandered on to the wrong blog? Where are the blood, breakfast psychopaths, and murders? I am shocked! 😉 Actually, I find it refreshing to switch genres often – good for you.

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