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I am generally a very nice person, unless provoked.

I recently received a message from a young author on Facebook demanding me to review his books as I am a reviewer and it is my job to review and he needs support for his books.

Politely explaining that I am not well and I am at the hospital, I asked him not to be so selfish, to be courteous, and to ask about my state of life before demanding.

To this he called me on Facebook messenger and threatened me when I didn’t pick up

This is the class of thought of an author who calls himself a poet and a philosopher and a droughts man!!

I was thoroughly shaken up, even with the fever raging on, and deeply saddened that such people call themselves authors when they can’t be a good human being!!

What is the use of words on a page when you do not have words that make you humane!!

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          1. thank you so much. I loved your post. Had me cracking… Needed that so badly. Please Check the spam folder if you can’t find my comment

  1. Wow. The audacity of this author is honestly upsetting. I’m sorry you had to deal with this, especially while in this hospital. You would think that authors would rather be nice and professional with reviewers whom they want to read their books, but that appears to be too much to expect from this author.

    Hope you are recovering well!

  2. This is just nuts and regardless whether or not you are sick, you should never feel pressured to review a book. I hope you feel better soon, Shalini! Hugs <3

    1. Thank you so much Mischenko… He got angry as I said that he was selfish to demand reviews (for all his books) before a – how are you!!

  3. I too am shocked and very saddened that you had to endure such uncouth and threatening behaviour. it is beyond words the horrid and actual threatening you. disgusting. I am sorry again that you had to endure such abusive behaviour by a so-called human-being let alone a ‘poet’ or ‘author’. wishing you strength my friend.

      1. it is my fervent hope that you recover well and soon, Shalini.
        as for the likes of such people, their repugnant behaviour does shake ones faith in humanity – but we always hope that the decent good people of this world far outnumber these sorry excuses for human-beings.
        once again warmest wishes for a complete and quick recovery.

        1. Thank you so much Afzal. This year has been tricky for my health, so I am constantly lagging behind everywhere… Sighhhh and such a conversation does not help matters. Makes my mind further restless

          1. true my friend. hang on in there Shalini, and may you be blessed with improved health. on a personal note, I have very low vision and have been in and out of the clinics for far too long now. it’s never the same but lagging health is something i too experience on a daily basis.

            we live with hope!

          2. Oh Afzal, then I am sending you all my good vibes, my healthy vibes and everything that is good in me, so that you become okay soon. At least I hope it stabilizes so that you can lead a good quality of life.❤️💜

          3. thank you dear Shalini and likewise wishing you the very best of health going forward – and as for the uncouth despicable things you had to endure – it is a damning indictment on people who call themselves or think they are “authors” or “poets”. shame on them all and wishing you all of the very very best. healing vibes your way too and stay as strong and as courageous as you are … ciao for now

  4. This really upsets me! I do not even know where to start, but it is clear this person cannot be stable. It almost makes you want to out them to protect others but truly but to disengage for your own sake. I hope that you are feeling much better and have had no more nasty encounters 💗

    1. I blocked him after asking him to be polite to me and wishing him luck. By that time, I was too sad at the way the new wave of authors are travelling…

      1. Oh I like to believe these are more isolated events. They are just people after all which unfortunately, consist of jerks. But it does happen. I have had to involve a publisher before to make it stop. Hopefully, this will not be the norm.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was so angry, now I am sad at the way the younger generation of authors think

  5. This is truly shocking, the way people have a sense of entitlement and are rude and threatening.

    Please forget this bad incident. Hope you are better now.

  6. I mean. I just can’t with this. I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone who had the audacity to act like this. I’m glad to see through your comments that you have blocked him. Your response was so perfect, and I admire the way you handled yourself. Feel better. Healing thoughts sent your way. 💜

    1. Thank you so much Jessica. I have no idea what he thought, or what he interpreted my response as. I just know that the whole thing was too icky.
      Thank you for your healing thoughts.❤️💜

      1. Some people are just weird. Which is unfortunate, because it’s “authors” like that who ruin the fun of being a book reviewer in the first place. But good on you for taking the high road and I hope this is the last time something like this happens. 😊

  7. Warm regards to you, and wish you super ultra sonic speedy recovery.please Ignore these class of hateful / extremely cocky individuals.

    1. Thank you so much for your healing thoughts. Believe me, the kind words I have heard on this post, is the one pulling me out of the shock… Thank you so much

      1. I can imagine 🙁 My first thoughts were to tell you to block him but you’ve already done it. If he does show up again on any other platform, please do consider reporting him. Acts like these are not okay.

  8. Wow! Hopefully this person doesn’t contact me! I do NOT PLAY NICE WHEN THREATENED! It would definitely end badly… And not for me! 😡😈 Feel free to send me his info secretly so I can give him a taste of the Deviless for messing with my interweb wife! 👍💖💖💖

  9. Reblogged this on The BookWorm Drinketh and commented:
    I had to share this for my friend Shalini, as it had me outraged.
    As book reviewers need to follow professional protocols when contacting Authors about reviews or requesting copies of books, so should Authors have the common courtesy to be polite and professional. To understand that sometimes some queries into the health, well-being and backlog of a reviewer can go a long way!
    Luckily, I have yet to run into this particular problem and all of the Authors I have dealt with have been very understanding and sweet. So, don’t get me wrong. I am not condemning anyone, this just had me incensed!

      1. I had to share the word. I’m sure that most people out there know that this is completely inappropriate, but new authors out there may want to see this to check out how NOT to go about it! (or they could, hopefully, use COMMON SENSE!) But, I find that is in rare supply for many these days!

  10. Seems like authors are losing their minds these days. I hope you blocked him and put this out of your mind. Need to focus on getting rest and getting better. We need a healthy Shalini! 💜

      1. I’m doing alright. I feel so behind in the WordPress world and I just keep getting more behind, lol. But I just have so many appointments and getting stuff ready for baby and work and yeah. I’ll probably just have to drop WordPress for a minute. Are you feeling any better today?? I’m sad you have a fever. That’s no fun

        1. I started feeling sick today while at work and this idiot made me sicker in the mind to know such bullies still exist and they are authors… Sighhhh

          1. Yeah. I know you’ve heard of cockygate but it’s gone further. Another author with the word forever and another one with #shifter world”. It’s getting out of hand and taking the passion out of the profession

          2. F**k no ways, forever too? I heard only the papers have gone. Shifter world is part of fantasy everyone uses it. How can they trademark that.

          3. They can’t I don’t think but doesn’t mean they won’t try cause reasons. Authors are getting real greedy these days. It’s ridiculous

    1. I agree… He sent me pic of Poseidon with a trident… And said BEWARE. beware of what? I couldn’t care less about him.

        1. Hahaha… I forgot about Ursula… I couldn’t believe a 20 year old kid sending me such stuff, and calling me to threaten me

          1. Sorry to hear about such a response. I’m numb to numbers but there are millions of writers who are hoping to make it big in a hurry. Take care my dear!🌷🌸 Hope you feel better.

  11. Oh, Shalini, that just sickens me that someone could treat such a sweet person like you so terribly, especially when you are feeling ill. 🙁 You’re one of the kindest, most giving people in the world, and I feel honored each time you agree to beta read one of my books, so that little punk needs a serious slap! Just remember all the people who truly love and appreciate you, and forget about losers like him. He’s not worth the effort. 🙂

    1. Oh Leslie… My love for you is the same and forever. I was just shocked at the demand. He is hardly in his early 20s and do frustrated about reviews.
      Thank you for your loving words. I do remember your beta read. Will start by the weekend. I love your books so kept it for the cozy weekend
      Thank you for your support 😘😘❤️💜

  12. No no no no.
    No one has the right to carry on like that to anyone. Far less with someone from whom they want a favourite. I’m so angry you have to deal with such an a/$. I hope you feel much better soon. Only positivity allowed around you!

    1. My cozy babe, I agree. This was just so scary, demanding reviews especially when I was not well, and with a bad throat, can’t breathe situation.
      He wanted me just write reviews as I am a reviewer, not even a hi hello how are you,and I am telling him I am not well. Then the call and Nina you are going to love/hate this. He sent me photo of poseidon with a trident and a word beware!!! Beware of what? Gawd

        1. Cozy babes, I blocked him. Took a screenshot of all his messages. So that is evidence in case he threatens other people…

  13. Block him on messenger. In fact, change your FB settings so that only friends can contact you through messenger. And don’t bother much about that creep. He isn’t worth a second thought. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you Shaloo, I did that. But for a few moments it was scary, why would he call or threaten me. I don’t read philosophical poems normally and I can’t read such stuff when I am not well.. The young authors are too desperate

    1. Kim, I hope I become ok soon. I hate feeling so awful. And this man was just so scary. I don’t know what they get by intimidating other people…

  14. I’m shocked and angry at this person’s audacity and rudeness. Wishing you a speedy recovery Shalini. You don’t deserve this at all.I thought authors were sensitive people..now I know there are some disgusting ones out there too.

    1. Oh yes, there are. My first experience.. Young Indian author from Coimbatore he was. I am so ashamed of him. The way he spoke, barely in his early 20s. Yuck.
      I am still struggling with ill health. I hope I am ok by the weekend

      1. I’m ashamed he is from Tamilnadu. And you were so polite. I hate people who dont treat women with respect and its shocking coming from a person in his 20s.
        Flu can have you feeling really low. Lots of coffee, orange juice and rasam saadam with appalam and lots of rest! Sending you much love.

  15. Shalini. I am an expert in Digital and Social Media marketing and let me tell you this is how people behave on social media. A budding writer using swear words is totally unacceptable and uncalled for. But then again this is the stark reality of times we live in. Arnam Goswami has played his part too.

  16. OMG…. I somehow experienced almost the same thing.. is there a way I can know who the writer was? I want to see if they’re the same.. Can you DM me on twitter? @marcus_lili.. I really wanna know… I was so pissed too, I just didn’t share the experience with others until recently, a twitter follower posted about an author too demanding her to review his book but she’s supposed to buy the book. I mean hello??? WOrse, the attitude of the author was annoying… he wasn’t being nice and pleasing.

    1. This one was atrocious as seen in the screenshot. Will DM you on twitter. I was just shaking with anger at the audacity. Hateful he was.

  17. How horrible! I always feel sorry for people like that. It must be a miserable existence to have all that anger.
    I’m sorry you had to deal with that. 🙁

  18. What!! The!! Hell!! I can’t BELIEVE the nerve this jerk has.
    Honestly, what is wrong with people nowadays? Will it kill people to act civil at least for the sake of being professional?
    People should GROW UP and learn not to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.
    Kudos to you for keeping your cool at this jerk, Shalini!😀

    1. Shreya, he was a young author from Coimbatore. And he sent me picture said BEWARE, he would finish me off. I couldn’t believe it…

  19. Oh i never thought that such things could happen to you, Shalini! Here we call it stalking and its prosecuted by law. But you gently solved the problem! Great! Have a nice, hopefully free Sunday. Michael 😉

  20. Wow! I just saw something similar where a female author was attacked because a male author friended her, and then immediately demanded she promote her book. What is wrong with people?

    1. No idea… But he was so scary initially when I didn’t realize why he was angry. Then I was just saddened by the whole episode…

  21. Oh gosh I’m so sorry to hear you had such an awful experience- it *is not* your job to review every person’s book- what a ridiculous notion! And I’m really sorry to hear you’re in hospital- I hope you have a speedy recovery!

    1. I am getting better, beating the virus. But this man was class with a K. I don’t even know him. Just demanded reviews..

  22. I hope he heals soon. Being abusive is a sign of weakness. One should be polite while asking for help. Never mind, you continue with the good work and keep sharing them.

    1. I hope so too. Too young, too desperate, too brash — not a good sign for an author with 5 books on philosophical poems.

          1. Nooooo…. He sent me a threatening pic poseidon with a trident and a word beware.. No idea why. My foggy feverish brain never understood. And wanted to talk to me — gosh the audacity of him!!

          2. True… No words. Apparently some authors do such stuff to gain publicity. Bad publicity is also OK with them… Gawd I am old… I can’t even understand this mind thought

          3. I wonder how far one would go with such negative publicity. Lol. .. you’re not old, it’s just that some people are in a different trajectory.

          4. Hahaha I am from the dark ages… And these are all new concept for me. I feel sometimes the olden days were better…

          5. I know…. And Internet has made the respect quotient go down. Anonymity has made the idiots bold..

  23. How rude. It really bothers me that people like that can wake up and just choose to talk to someone like that. I had an encounter similar to this also. This random guy Facebook messaged me and I tokd him that I didn’t want to talk to get to know him either because I have a boyfriend. Then he started calling me in which I didn’t pick up. Then he proceeded to call me a dirty lesbian and a motherfucker. First of I’m not a lesbian (nothing against them). But it just goes to show that some people are just nasty and can’t process rejection so they turn to verbal violence.

    I hope you blocked that guy

    1. I did… He was hateful. He told me it was my job to review and support his books. And I was not well at that time. Scary dude.

        1. I did, I haven’t read it yet. With health breakdowns and other things happening. I am lagging in reading…. Everything

  24. People are getting more and more angry and off the rails everyday. I had to fire my therapist recently for inappropriate behavior. Wishing you many blessings in your life and your work.

    1. Thank you so much, that’s is so sweet of you. Blessings are very important to me.
      Therapist being inappropriate is extremely scary… Hope you are okay

      1. I was a bit shaken up and feel betrayed. It was one of those moments when life just slams the door closed…BAM! It came out of nowhere. This person, whose job it is to listen, stated, “I’m not a sounding board.” I’m thinking…”SERIOUSLY????” That is your job. This person expected me to listen to their BS. It was just weird and flustering. Thanks for caring.

  25. In all honesty, some authors, and creative people in general, are scummy human beings. It’s why they say never meet your idol. That’s not justification, though. Just a sad fact. I hope as an author I am never that way. All that said, I am glad that you stood by your guns. He needs to learn early on that he can’t just order people around and that the world doesn’t meet his every need just because he has talent. To put it simply, he needs to learn that whatever special talents he has doesn’t give him special rights, especially rights to bully people.

    1. Hey Jonathan, thank you for your support and kind words.
      I had no idea what he thought, no idea why he got angry. I want basic courtesy of a hello and if I have the time to review. Not demand me to review as it is my job. He writes about philosophical poems. That requires a mindset to read, not a flu addled brain which I had. Well I chalked it up to experience.

    1. Thank you… But this is becoming the norm amongst the impatient young authors, who want instant fame or rather reviews on Amazon

    1. Believe me, I wanted to, but then I realized these young authors probably do not know how to conduct themselves or maybe he has had a bad day. Everyone deserves a second chance, but just not by me. Hence I blocked.
      Yp I am doing much better.. Thank you so much for your support

      1. I’m glad to hear that! It’s hard enough being sick without that kind of crazy!

        And I get that you were giving him a second chance but I hope you give yourself credit for it because you don’t have to protect these a-holes. (Also, good that you’re no longer interacting!)

          1. Hi Heather, on your latest post, I couldn’t find the review or book details if the book – the second cup. Kindly check

          2. I use it regularly. No problems at all. But when I edit the post between phone and laptop then the post doesn’t get saved

          3. Yes. If you go in between the two, the phone app will choose what has been put on it and erase the one done via the laptop. So I am careful with phone app

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