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Greatness — how does one define it? The world defines it by our achievements and comparing it with others. This greatness is insurmountable and often leads to intense pressure to achieve it followed by depression if one does not.

I like the way the author Lorraine V Cuff defines it; she says —

greatness can be whatever we define it to be in our own lives…

Achieving greatness is a choice and these dreams require careful planning and hard work.

The author Lorraine Cuff, has taken an unachievable word like greatness and made it simple and achievable. She makes greatness personal. I love the way her words encourage to explore the inner fire which is there within us. Fear, the greatest roadblock to conquering the highest mountain, is what stops us from taking the leap of faith…

Do something you FEAR until it becomes a strength….

The author not only defines greatness but she also gives us the ways to achieve them. I love the fact that she has given small steps that each one of us can do and go beyond where and what we are. This is done, not only by her personal examples, but also from the sayings of the various leaders of the world.

She made me realize that it is these simple ideas of waking up both literally and figuratively to the smallest blessings of life, is what enriches us. Living our life in the fast lane, we have forgotten, how these small things of life are the rolling stones which gather our greatness bit by bit, on every turn. We have forgotten to be the beacons of light to inspire others. Our lives are spent in emulating others, forgetting the positivity in ours.

Instead of spreading negativity, create an explosive tidal wave of positive action and words

A calm mind is a calm soul which can look beyond the turbulence of thoughts to achieve a light, enlightened mind. I believe in meditation, and it was a pleasant surprise to read that in her prose. Lorraine goes one step further in this, by showing how to lighten the mental load while meditating, an active step. That inspired me to try it that same day.

Mastering the art of meditation allows us to control our thoughts to the point of stopping them completely…

The author has also gone into the details of how to achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body and work towards our various accomplishments and how to share those with the rest of the world.

Lorraine has taken the minute details and addressed them in such simple words that I am in awe of her two decades of experience as a life coach. Her words incite a strong need to go beyond the normal and achieve the highest level possible. Her beliefs held me to her book, made me think about the goals in my life, my own happiness and creativity. This book has come at the right time when I am at the crossroads of life.

Ordinary people believe only in the possible; extraordinary people visualize the impossible…

Today I take a leaf from her book and break off the limitations of my thoughts, my worries about acceptance and go above them to achieve my greatness, to believe in myself…

Get started toward the impossible today…

Always have a beginner’s mind. Approach every learning opportunity with enthusiasm…

This is what I have learnt from Lorraine’s words. She has made me look into me and beyond me, deep within my soul, where the fires of passion burn to start to live my life, wearing my own crown of personal greatness.

You get one shot at life; don’t hold back!!!!!

Agreed, Lorraine.

I received an ARC from the author and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

Lorraine Cuff is a certified Book Yourself Solid Coach who comes to you with vast experience of entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. She has served as President of the McGuire Achievers Toastmaster Club at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for 3 consecutive years and is a senior non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force Reserve. Her current role as a Unit Training Manager requires management of a vigorous training schedule for over 200 Air Transportation Specialist officers and enlisted alike. She also boasts a career Air Reservist with over 24 years of Military service. Lorraine is a veteran who served in OPERATIONS IRAQI & ENDURING FREEDOM. A highly visible manager and influence of her Squadron’s Outreach as well as Communication & Mentoring committees, she is recognized by senior leadership for her highly effective mentoring, creative thinking, and goal oriented approach to solving problems. Lorraine is highly dedicated, conscientious and has a no-nonsense results oriented problem solving strategy coupled with a hard-driving work ethic. Master Sergeant Cuff is the 2013 recipient of the 514th Air Mobility Wing Chief Antoinette Koleniskov Mentoring Award.

Book blurb

Great keynote speakers are those who have the ability to harness their personal story and connect with their audience by showing parallels of their life to their audience. They present examples of their own achievement and sometimes failures,intertwined with the achievements of others, and by inspiring their audience to go out and take action.

Defining Your Greatness, a Toastmasters Prospective is a copulation of the author’s first 12 Toastmasters International speeches. The book details her achievements and achievements of others that rise above the fray due to hard work and commitment to realize their dreams. No matter where you are in life there is evidence that opportunities are presented on a daily basis to allow us to achieve more. We are often inspired through others to move past our own difficulties and triumph within in our own lives. The author is committed to helping others cultivate their dreams and aspire to achieve goals. This book is a tool of practical and simple ways people to achieve them.

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