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My review 

It’s been really long since I read a book from the fantasy/paranormal genre. I was given this book by the author Nia Markos to give my opinions on it. 

So I decided to keep my thriller psyche aside and get into the mode of a young adult. Without much ado, I started this journey to the island of Alba long long ago… 

Once upon a time, there were Sidhe and there were humans. Sidhe stayed invisible to humans by the power of a precious stone, Kaemorra. The queen of Sidhe, Eliana was betrayed by her lover Elsam who, with the help of a witch Meredith, makes the Sidhe visible to humans so they have to hide away. Elsam is banished for thousand years. Meredith puts her own spin on Elsam’s spell, whereby Kaemorra is hidden away and descendants of both Sidhe and hers will save them. Enter the heroine in the present time Alexa, unsure and unknowing, gradually learning about the mysterious magic in her, her control of elements, embarks on a journey to find Kaemorra. 

Where there is a heroine as beautiful as Alexa, there has got to be a hunky hero, her mate Aidan, with the most gorgeous, well toned, chiselled body, and a face which can make hearts a flutter and a prince to boot… Oooh la la… 

Aiden’s brother, Liam is equally good looking and charming, which puts Alexa in a dilemma, she likes both of them. 

The author, Nia Markos, has written the book well, with a great adventurous spirit. There is magic, there is witchcraft, there is mind reading, teleporting, there is a background to the story starting from the inception of the earth. All that makes this an unputtdownable read.

Alexa’s connection to both the brothers generates a good deal of curiosity. All the characters are well etched by Nia, be it the Siddhe queen Eliana, with her own quests, the villain Elsham, with his need to destroy everyone, Alexa’s parents with their secrets, which they reveal slowly throughout the book, her friend Bet with her frequent change of loyalty and Elron with his sword skills. 

Nia has taken time to make this a well rounded book with all core elements. She makes the story flow with her way of writing. Her words make it easy to visualise the world through Alexa’s eyes. Every sentence adds to the story, that’s the first thing I noticed when I started reading. There are no unnecessary pauses or words, the story ripples down like a gentle brook, over the stones and around it. 

The book makes an absorbing read till it nears the end, then there are too many things happening and at the same time, too little. Alexa’s heredity and her source of magic is revealed, her mother who knew so much of her history, does not say anything even when daughter is in danger. That makes it incongruous with the motherly love she portrays. The mother’s decisions throughout the story doesn’t make sense. 

Alexa is still undecided between Aiden and Liam. But after getting all her powers in the next few pages, she makes Liam her brother. A friend is understandable, but a brother is a little unbelievable. Liam’s reactions too are strange, a few pages earlier he cries for Alexa but at the brother declaration, there is no reaction. 

Alexa trains hard with her swords and magic. The middle of the book concentrates on her training. But in the last pages, when I am eager to see how she uses her sword and her new found skills, there is hardly any action. So my heart which went yayy Alexa went nayy Alexa. 

Everyone can communicate mentally, especially Alexa and Aiden, they can feel each other’s feelings but somehow Aiden couldn’t feel Alexa’s change to brotherly feelings for Liam. These points grate… 

The book starts well, with great actions, a gradual build up of story till the end, which should be thunderous with Alexa in her element, but turned out to be gentle. Maybe the author, Nia wants to pave the way for the series slowly…

I do want to read the next two books but it’s a soft need, not a if-I-don’t-read-I-will-die-of-curiosity kind of need. 

My rating : 3.5 stars 

About the Author 

Nia Markos is an avid, ferocious reader of practically any genre, be it historical, fantasy, thrillers, or spy novels with leaning more towards the paranormal and occult. 

She was born on Montreal, Canada to Greek parents, who indulged her with tales of mythology and history. Working over thirty years in the financial sector, she could take early retirement, focus on her family and allow her imagination to be reborn. The tales she tells are from her heart and her characters are very personal to her. 

Book Blurb 

Alexa is discovering that her whole life has been a lie. As her nineteenth birthday approaches, her true identity is revealed. The incredible world of witchcraft and Otherworlds come to light. Pulled into a prophecy centuries old, her existence takes a turn for the surreal. As well as having to save all worlds, the choice of who to love is presumably not hers.

Unknowingly drawn into a union with Aidan, the prince of Eruva, Alexa cannot help but be attracted to his younger, carefree brother Liam.

With her destiny set centuries ago, can she save the worlds by forging her own path, or is she fighting the inevitable in love and destruction. 

Product Details 

Publication date : 1st March 2017

Publisher : Nia Markos

Language : English 

Available on Amazon

  A magical paranormal read

28 Responses

      1. It’s so interesting that you wrote that comment because I literally almost asked you in my initial comment if you ever found it difficult to do a review when an author asks you directly. If I only wanted good reviews, I would ask my friends to read my book and give me feedback. If they loved it, wonderful! I have my good reviews. If not, then so be it.

        I can absolutely appreciate an author getting his or her feelings hurt if someone gets personal or attacked them, but you didn’t do that at all. Her reaction was not about you.

        You didn’t say anything that would make me strike that book from my potential reading list until the end of time. You weren’t unkind. You reviewed the book as you saw it.

        I’m sorry girl. Try not to sweat it. You aren’t being honest if every author ends up thrilled. It comes with the territory when someone solicits feedback. You did what you were asked to do.

        1. I know that… She has 3 books in the series Jo, and she is self published but no sales. So asked my opinion.
          The fact of this book is the main character prepares so much for the fight but there is a teeny tiny action sequence where nothing happens, why will I spend nearly 3 dollars and another 3 for the next and another 3 for the last book where action occurs.
          Something to whet my Appetite and make me tell the character, you go girl is needed. I think author didn’t get that.
          Imagine the scenario Jo, girl with sword and magic and control of elements, wouldn’t u want one sword fight with the baddies???

          1. Always yes to sword fight with baddies. I’m thinking Air Bender meets Kill Bill meets Fight Club meets Wizard of Oz. It’s quite the scene in my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Yes! I loved both of those. Fantastic fight scenes, characters, and dialogue. Very much one of my favs.

          3. That’s what I said in my review.. Author unfollowed me.. Hehehe.
            She should have sent me her book before publishing… ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. No ways, doesn’t hold a light to you. Your review leaves me flabbergasted and makes me feel why can’t I write like you

      1. OMG, that’s exactly what I felt about your review! We’re really alike, aren’t we? Let’s keep working on together ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Your reviews are of very high standard and capable of making your followers interested in books which otherwise they would never have taken notice of.
    By the way have you thought about writing one or many yourself. Or are there books by you?

    1. Hi Kurian, I am asked this question everytime, I haven’t written yet but who knows the future…
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I needed that boost.
      I hope to right one day…
      BTW, this author didn’t like my review she was a bit put off when I said i wanted something more in action. She replied action in the third book… Then why should anyone read first 2….hmmm

      1. Haha, that’s interesting. Reviews are not for pleasing the creators. They should listen and adopt if possible.
        I am sure your book will be just great..
        By the way I am also to write a book. It’s in my ‘bucket list’.
        And i know, I will have to pay for printing and for a private publishing ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Good luck… Don’t write a too intelligent a book. all of us are not as intelligent as you are… Write what the masses and classes understand

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