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My review

The story goes…  Halley was always sure, from the very beginning, that she never wanted to be a mother. In fact, she made this clear on the first date with Adam itself. But when her husband after 11 years of bliss, suddenly asks her to reconsider about having a baby, they are at cross ends. To rethink the situation, they take a trial separation.. Both reflect and deliberate on the path they have to follow…. 

Who would compromise and who should compromise?? 

The main character, Savannah is beautifully supported by her sister, Charlotte, sister-in-law Nina, and her best friend Marian. Each character is brave, each character shows a core of inner strength, and each choose to live their life on their own terms. Each of them have their personal battles to fight, and they come out stronger than before.

Not every story is a fairy tale, and not every story has a happily ever after. But some do. And many have their own versions of happily ever after, their own brands of love, their own truths… 

Happiness means something different for everyone. It’s putting yourself out there and risking heartache, if only for a second chance. It’s that comet shooting across the sky, reminding you to burn bright….
These two quotes from the book are just one of the few that captured my heart. The book, the story, the words spoke to the inner me, melted my heart, and strengthened my  beliefs. It is a book that every woman in this world should read. 

The author, Savannah Page has written this book from the inner strength of her conviction. Her words speak about the courage of her beliefs and with the tenacity of her truth. Every word is seeped in authenticity and genuiness in oneself. The story speaks about being true to oneself and letting go, even when it is the most difficult thing to do, in this world. 

Savannah Page has defined love in such a beautiful way that I couldn’t help but quote her… 

What honest and unconditional love is. Sometimes love is taking a step back; sometimes it’s moving forward. Sometimes it’s letting go; sometimes it’s holding on. Sometimes it’s taking it back . . . chasing it. But it isn’t anywhere in between. It’s in the action. It is in the decision you make now… 

The decision every woman must make is to live her life to the fullest whatever makes her happy whatever fulfils her inner woman. This point is brought to the forefront by another quote by Savannah, for her main character Halley —Like a comet, I’ve got to rocket to the edge of the solar system and back, fearless, shining in the sky and burning bright on the journey that is this messy and complicated, and nuanced, big beautiful life.

Its so true, life is difficult, but living a lie makes it all the more difficult. The author Savannah Page, sums this simple fact up in this book that one can live a life filled with everything the heart wants, even if that happiness is different from others… 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Lake Union Publishing and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My rating : 4.5 stars

About the Author 

Savannah Page is the author of Everything the Heart Wants, A Sister’s Place, and the When Girlfriends series. Sprinkled with drama and humor, her women’s fiction celebrates friendship, love, and life. A native Southern Californian, Savannah lives in Berlin, Germany, with her husband, their goldendoodle, and her collection of books

Book blurb 

Married for eleven years, Halley and her husband, Adam, are still living their happily ever after. And that includes being child-free. But when one of them has a change of heart about wanting a baby, it brings their marriage and life plans into harsher focus.

Devastated that this bombshell might destroy their relationship, Halley finds comfort in her closest friends: Nina, who’s finally pregnant after years of trying; her sister, Charlotte, an overwhelmed mother of three; and Marian, a successful businesswoman who regrets letting go of her one true love.

Now, with their guidance and support, Halley begins a painful journey of self-discovery. As she searches her heart to make a life-changing decision for both herself and Adam, she realizes that someone is bound to get hurt. Will their perfect love be too great a sacrifice for everything her heart wants

Product Details 

Publication date : 12th December 2017

Publisher : Lake Union Publishing

Language : English 

Available on Amazon; free on kindle unlimited

      A book for every woman

27 Responses

    1. This book gave me a pause… Made me think…
      I need to think about my definition of happiness…
      Thank you Nel…
      Maybe as women we are just complete, we do not need to do anything to get complete…

      1. I don’t know about being complete but I do agree about thinking about our individual definitions for happiness. This is why I like reading your reviews. So thought provoking!

        1. Thank you so much Nel. Your words have uplifted my day. I have been thinking that my reviews are mundane, but it is nice to know I have a support in you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed these words today. Thank you, girl

    1. Oh it is beautiful Dominique, and what I really liked about it is
      That one can be happy even if one takes a decision which is different from normal.
      I have thinking that since I am not in a relationship and I can’t have kids that my life is an end. But this book made me think that maybe there is something more to life, I just have to persevere.

      1. I understand. I have been there. But life is funny sometimes. You never know what may happen… And as you said it. “Maybe as women we are just complete, we do not need to do anything to get complete…” I like that very much. Always nice reading you Shalini. Take care.

  1. Hey, Shalini! Great review! Your style of reviewing books is really unique, and I’m super glad I came across your blog!😀
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! It really made my day😊
    And it’s always nice to meet another fellow bookworm . . . 😁

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