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Guest Post - Author Emmanuelle Snow Live

Digital Reads PR is honored to have E. Snow's words on their blog during this book tour.

Since the release of Hope and Country, the question that I’ve been asked the most is, why I chose to write about abuse.

If I say my stories come to me without me thinking too much about them, it sounds simple. But it’s mostly the truth. Those characters they have lives that they want to share. And I feel like I’m the medium. I love writing, as you can probably tell by now, relatable stories. Books that make you feel like you’re part of the journey as you flip the pages. Because they call at your memories, your experiences, and you get so immersed in them that at one point you can’t tell if they’re fiction or not.

I’ve had my share of struggles, bumps on my road (and I still do), but I think those hard days helped to shape me as a writer. Because life isn’t a straight road. Or butterflies and rainbows all day, every day. There are times you wish you could press a button and start over. And others, when you wish you could stop time to surf that wave of happiness and bliss a little longer.

Death, sadness, joys, abuses, elation are all things we, as  humanity, are bound to experience (or not) eventually. They are part of life. Hiding from the darkness isn’t an option. Hiding from reality is just choosing to be blind to the suffering or circumstances some people experience. And if I wouldn’t write about them, I would feel like a cheater, only picking the storylines that bear no difficulties. The one with unicorns and kittens. People have the right to feel heard. To not feel like their stories don’t matter. Because it does.

And writing about topics that are difficult is part of the process. And it doesn’t mean the end can’t be beautiful.

If just one person heals from a life-changing experience through my words or if it patches the scars around their heart or give them hope there are not alone, that the sun really does come out after the storm, then I feel like I’ve succeeded.



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Hope and country
Hope and country tour details


Is hope enough to keep me moving forward after she disappears into the night?

I met Devon one night. And without a warning, she vanished into thin air before I could get her full name. Now I can’t stop thinking about her. The smiles we exchanged that night were genuine. The attraction, off the charts.
Everywhere I look, I hope to see her. Everywhere I go, I hope to meet her.
Only once.
To know if I dreamed the blazing chemistry we shared.
I’m the manager of some of the biggest country stars on the planet, and still, even after a year, Devon is all I care about. All I long.

When some family buried secrets surface and send me on a drinking spree, I have no idea the night is about to be my greatest challenge of all. And that some of my prayers are about to be exhausted. In the most painful way.

Is Devon just a fragment of my imagination or will our reunion be the greatest test of strength I’ll have to go through in my entire life?

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Publication Date: February 2022

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