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My review
A beautiful spiritual book by Mark Tiro based on love and forgiveness. 

The story is about the protagonist, a lawyer Maya, where one lie by her student in law school, ruins her career. In plotting revenge with a lawsuit against the student, she invites her friend to the coffee shop where a shooting occurs, and all are killed. This triggers Maya’s soul on a journey as it goes through its births, both in her past and future lives, and then back again. Each birth teaches her the Universal Truth, but at the same time, she has free will to accept or reject it. And the journey of the soul continues on…. 

This book has brought my beliefs to surface as Mark has touched upon the simple fact that the soul, in each birth, has to learn the truth to resonate at a higher level to attain moksh / nirvana… 

There are various stories of Maya’s births from all cultures. But there is a story of a monk which underlines the core of the book for me. A monk helps a woman to cross the stream by lifting her and then walks away. His friend rebukes him for forgetting his sacred vows and touching a woman. To this the monk says that he dropped her and forgot about her, yet his friend could not seem to let go of the woman and still carried her… This is so true. We carry the baggage of anger, of revenge, of grievances, on our souls throughout our lives, instead of accepting forgiveness and love. 

Forgiveness extends, from the instance it is given, beyond time and into eternity 

This is a direct quote by the author Mark; so true, so poignant, and so forgotten. Most of us give so much value to the unnecessary things, but once, we let go of the valueless, we realize that the values are all around and within us. 

There are a few niggles, it is difficult to grasp some stories if  you are not a history buff. And it takes time to understand Mark’s style of narration in describing Maya’s journey through time. 

This book also shows Mark’s hard work and his intelligence in the way, he has amalgamated history with fiction. His conceptions, his plots, his characters are varied and well defined but at the same time, he has kept Maya’s voice in each birth unique and strong and easily identifiable in whichever body her soul embraces. It is quite remarkable. 

Mark, in each of his stories has underlined the basics of human life. He wants to make us aware that life is an illusion. We might make the best of choices, but there is really only one choice to make: truth or illusion. 

Choosing love or fear. Love is the basic truth on which human life rests on, rest all are illusions. And the sooner we understand and accept this fact, the better it is for humanity and life. Live life without judgment, in kindness, in forgiveness, and in love. 

I end this review with a direct quote from the author Mark Tiro in his book —

Love does not go anywhere or come from anywhere. Love just is. Once the shadows are gone, this becomes obvious. Love extends out and fills all the space. Therefore, love is… 

My rating : 4 stars 

About the Author 

Mark Tiro’s first novel Spirit Invictus has been called a heartwarming profound read about the importance of love and forgiveness. Mark has been influenced by diverse authors and ideas like Richard Bach and Marianne Williamson to Celestine Prophecies and the Alchemist. Mark lives in California. When he’s not writing, he enjoys sleeping. 

Mark can be contacted on his Website, or on Facebook, or on email.  

Book blurb 

The secret to the meaning of life. Maya thinks she’s got it. And it’s about to get her killed. Again.

Maya’s in a race against time itself. Her past and future lives hang in the balance. Now she has to put what she’s learned to the test.

Maya’s had a mystical vision, with the promise of unlimited power. For millennia, it’s only been revealed to a handful of unknown, enlightened masters.

And now, she’s tantalizingly close to grasping its ultimate secret.With unforgiving enemies closing in, can Maya uncover it before they find her—and exact an ancient revenge? Or will her stubborn quest get her killed again—this time, with devastating consequences to everyone she’s ever loved?

Product Details 

Publication date : 1st November 2017

Publisher : Second Dharma Books

Language : English 

Available on Amazon 

   A spiritual, holistic journey

26 Responses

  1. I adore your reviews. So freaking thought provoking and you make me want to read books I don’t normally gravitate to. That last quote is very powerful. “Love just is.” I love that!

    1. That last quote is all credit to the author. It is his direct quote.
      The basic principles in this book somehow resonated with what I believe, so it became easy to review.
      I never know what to write in a review till something strikes a chord in me.

      1. Love books with that subject when they treat reincarnation like a fact and not this mystical extra that needs thirty thousand crystals to merely begin to understand. And / or sensationalize the subject. Really loved Aleph by Paulo Coelho, too, for that reason.

        1. Not read that book. Well, we have always believed in reincarnation. Our mythology and holy books say it. So I suppose for some it is easy to believe, for the western world, it isn’t..

          1. It’s hugely popular here in some circles, but almost like a fetus he cult. You know, you have to wear crystals and dreads to convey “hey I believe in this stuff, too.” 🙄 That’s why I like Paulo Coelho. He treats it as a very natural fact.

          2. I was teaching a boy from Sri Lanka when he was fourteen, and his comment was, “how can you not believe in reincarnation?!” Couldn’t agree more. Here though you get the super fanatics who will basically tell you you’re going to hell if you believe in “that stuff.” When everybody knows it was purposely written out of the Bible, the Talmud, and the Quran.” 🙄

          3. I haven’t read any of the holy books, but I do know my family is extremely spiritual. My forefathers were very religious. So we have grown up believing in reincarnation and past lives and other stuff. A Sri Lankan will believe as India and Sri Lanka are pretty close in our beliefs.
            I generally don’t bother about what others believe. I stick to what I know and what feels right for me. I find that easier.

          4. Agree. In the sense that if it works for the other person, and no harm is done, who am I to rain on your parade. But I’ve always been interested in what other people believe. Partly because of past lives, but mainly because I’m convinced that deep down we all believe in the same energy force that guides us. And I’m interested in how these ways of believing manifest.

            Apparently my great-grandmother was really religious, but she changed faiths and it was all really very hush hush.

            Essentially though, I’m with you. If it works for me and feels right, I’m going with it.

          5. India is basically very religious or most appear as if they are very religious. I have probably moved away from the rituals part but not from my beliefs, because they form my core. And over the years, I have learnt to listen to the higher powers or conscience or intuition, however it is named. And it has helped me. So I feel I am more spiritual than religious but at the same time I have not let go of my religion and beliefs.
            Every holy book is open to interpretation and most use it for power over others or to sway others. So I stay away from them. Does this make sense??

          6. Absolutely! It’s my exact philosophy, too. Working on getting the connection back with the higher power(s). Somehow that got lost. Open to tips. In the meantime trying to get that connection back.

          7. If it is lost, it can be found. So be what you are. You don’t need to do anything. But at every point, before our rationality and conscious mind makes a decision, there is feeling which comes, which is the intuition. Just keep listening to it.
            Also God or higher powers are omnipresent, they are everywhere. But the Hindu scriptures, they are in each one of us. So that means when we are good human beings, we are one with the higher power. As long as you are true to your inner self, your connection is not well.
            We keep on searching for connection, but I think it’s not lost. It’s there, but we can’t see it.
            I too feel my connection with the higher power is Topsy turvy. But actually, I don’t want to listen, because I may not like the answers so I pretend, connection is lost. But this is purely me at this point of life. Each one of us is different but same.
            So my experience is there is always a connection, give yourself a break, be a good human, be kind and when the time is right, you will listen to the connection and recognize it. Hope this helps you. Hope this makes sense to you.

          8. It does help, and it makes perfect sense. Especially the part about not wanting to hear so you turn away. Might be that, too, for me. I can totally see myself going that. And I do believe the connection can’t be broken, we just think it is. Ditto loss. That one’s a bit harder to convince yourself of. But baby steps.

          9. Why don’t you write a book on this. Your views are pretty strong and correct and you write a well. Would love to read when you write.

          10. Thank you! That means a lot! And funny you should say this! Because I am. Send me your email via the contact form here, and I’ll send you more details. Would love to go on discussing this.

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