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In Plain Sight by Marion Todd is a brilliant, entertaining author. Her police procedurals feel like a complete story without any of the scenes scenes slacking off. I enjoyed her first book, and I LOVED this one. The story moved, from beginning to end, like a movie, almost seamless in the way the chapters were held together.

A missing child from a fun fair, and DI Clare and Chris had a race against time in their hands with the child being medically unwell. The missing child arc might have felt familiar, but the writing pulled me in like a snare. I was completely immersed into the story, captured by my kindle, not that I wanted to cut free. The author’s writing was smooth like hot chocolate, rich like a delicious pastry.

Most police procedurals generally get down to nitty gritty, but this story had a heart. Clare as the lead detective was magnificent in her role. Her work and personal life seemed balanced. Well, almost. She was a cop. Her directives to her team had me in awe. They were a well oiled group who were ready to travel to the far extent to get the child back.

What I especially loved about Clare was that the case took priority, not her ego. And she knew how to subvert all foreseeable clashes. The author was quite clever in those scenes. The sheer hours of hard work by everyone and the intelligence shown by the cops made this one of my most addictive reads.

Being not well, I needed sleep more. But I spent half the night reading this book. Ah, what can I say… C’est la vie..

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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A child’s life is at stake. Which of the residents of St Andrews is hiding something – and why?
When a baby girl is snatched from the crowd of spectators at a fun run, the local police have a major investigation on their hands. DI Clare Mackay and her team are in a race against the clock when they learn that the child has a potentially fatal medical condition.

As Clare investigates she realises this victim wasn’t selected at random. Someone knows who took the baby girl, and why. But will they reveal their secrets before it’s too late?

Publication Date: February 2020

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