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My review
Wow!! Simply Wow!! What a book, totally fabulous. This book is like a magician doing a card trick, I am staring hard at the cards, trying to find out the sleight of his hand, looking in one direction, when WHAM… From the opposite direction, I am hit by a whopper of an end to this trick. I loved it all, it was expectedly unexpected. Reading Slater’s previous books, I did know there are going to be twists.. But, just not the ones, which are there in this book. 

K L Slater has dealt with the sensitive, love/hate relationship between the mother-in-law and the new daughter-in-law, one trying to maintain her reign in the family and the other trying to overthrow her and gain a foothold, all this with the other family members seemingly unaware. The mother, Judi likes her place as the indispensable loving mom to Ben, ever caring Nanny to Noah and Josh and wife to Henry. She manages both the households, while working part-time and going through menopausal symptoms. Enter Amber, a new love interest for widower Ben and a power struggle ensues between Judi and Amber. Is Amber really who she says she is? What is her motive?? Why is she cutting Judi out of the family??? How did this whirlwind romance happen right under her eyes..????  All these questions trouble Judi, she becomes insecure and lonely so sets about finding out the truth about Amber and exposing her to her love-blind son. 

A fast paced thriller with short chapters, real but slightly psychotic characters, clever twists which play with the mind and leave you dazed. It does what a psychological thriller is supposed to do. I loved this book from the get go. Each chapter hooked me further. There are smokes and mirror, illusions and reality which kept me from guessing . Trying to outguess the ending made me read the book faster, till late at night, on the edge of my seat. Captivated me totally.. Unputdownable till the end. 

K L Slater is a brilliant author who kept the suspense and intrigue going in every chapter. She has also dealt with the symptoms of menopause sensitively. She maintains her pace giving away little hints, increasing heart rate slowly till the end when the heart is pounding hard… Such is the thrill of this book… Totally recommend it to everyone 

I received an ARC from Netgalley and publisher, Bookouture and this is my honest and unbiased review. 

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author 

After years of getting rejected, at the age of 40, she went back to the university to study English and Creating Writing degree followed by MA in Creative Writing. Her first psychological thriller for Bookouture ‘Safe With Me’ started as her dissertation on her English and Creative Writing degree. She lives in Nottingham with her husband, Mac and 3 grown up kids. She also writes multi award winning YA fiction under the name Kim Slater
Book blurb

How far would you go to protect your family?

Single dad Ben is doing his best to raise his children, with the help of his devoted mother Judi. And then Ben meets Amber. Everyone thinks this is a perfect match for Ben but Judi isn’t so sure… There’s just something about Amber that doesn’t add up. Ben can’t see why his mother dislikes his new girlfriend. And Amber doesn’t want Judi anywhere near her new family. Amber just wants Ben and the children. The further Judi delves into Amber’s personal life, the closer she gets to shocking secrets that could change everything. And Judi must make a decision that could lead to the most disastrous consequences.

Liar is a compelling psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist that will keep you awake until the early hours. 
Product Details 

Publication date : 16th June 2017

Publisher : Bookouture

Language : English 

Available on Amazon

A book that will thrill you and chill you 

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    1. It’s a very fast book raj… Takes 4hours of continuous reading, short chapters… But u will know why nature says that the female of the species is always dangerous… 😉

          1. Most definitely… without which there is no fun… life needs to be interesting, thanks for making that happen! 😉 😀

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